Monday, 1 March 2010

Slow down - you're entering Akyaka

Life is set to get slower in Akyaka.

The small town is aiming to become Turkey’s second “slow” area, following Izmir’s Senferihisar district, which declared itself a slow city or “cittaslow” in October.

Founded in Italy in 1999, cittaslow aims to improve the quality of life in towns, avoiding the fast-lane mentality and cookie-cutter high streets commonly found in burgeoning cities around the world. The idea came out of the ‘slow food’ movement, which works to counter the fast food world we live in.

Akyaka Mayor Ahmet Calca says the aim is to create a town that respects the local environment, preserves architectural purity and concentrates on sustainable tourism.
“The cittaslow movement is a project that helps towns promote themselves while preserving their identity and lifestyle,” Çalca said.

Akyaka’s residents will have the final say on whether their town joins the cittaslow movement. The final decision will be made in March after a public vote.

“We already have a ‘slow city’ here. All we need is international recognition,” said the mayor. “We hope to have a world-renowned boutique holiday resort.”

Cittaslow has a growing network of over 120 centres in 18 countries around the world. Each town or city adopts a common set of goals or principles, with the aim of enhancing the quality of life for visitors and residents.

In the Mugla province, Akyaka sits within a hilly landscape with verdant forests. There is a beautiful lake for swimming, a number of good cafes and restaurants, and little else. It's one of Turkey's most peaceful spots and a cittaslow status would only enhance its reputation as an authentic, tranquil spot.


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