Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Badly Behaved Brits

Drunken Brits let it all hang out in Salou.

British tourists have long been notorious for excess drinking and reckless behaviour while on holiday.

The latest exploits to hit the news involve hundreds of students descending on Spain for a sports festival. Instead of learning about teamwork and sports professionalism, these tourists instead headed to town in their underwear, got blind drunk and exposed themselves in restaurants and clubs in the resort of Salou.

The 5000 revelling Brits shocked the local community, which is around 70 miles south of Barcelona.

Cheap beer and shots handed out on the street contributed to a general atmosphere of mayhem, culminating in one young partygoer breaking his leg when he was accidentally hit by a patrolling police car.

Spaniards have spoken out about their disgust, complaining that their once quiet community has been ruined by an atmosphere of drunkenness and debauchery.

Resident Jose Gomez said waking up to streets covered in vomit is unacceptable.

“This kind of drunken tourism is deplorable. I’ve never seen this kind of behaviour in my life.”

Fighting, public sex and binge drinking are a far cry from the tourism the government is aiming to promote. Officials must be shaking their heads – Spain has had a disasterous year as far as tourism is concerned, with the recession seeing holiday bookings drop by almost 20 per cent.

In contrast, holiday bookings to Turkey are up by around the same percentage. Many visitors, put off by reports such as these, are choosing to look further afield.

There are of course areas in Turkey where drunken youths take to the streets, namely Gumbet and Altinkum. But these resorts are still not overly developed, and visitors there exhibit but a shadow of what is seen in Spain. Drunken hooliganism in Turkey is still the exception, rather than the rule.


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