Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Good nudes for naturists

Nudists everywhere are rejoicing at the news that Turkey is about to open its first naturist hotel.
The Adaburnu Golmar Hotel in Marmaris opens next week, and offers hours of naked fun in its large grounds and at its own private nudist beach.
Guests can dine naked, swim naked, play boardgames naked – you get the idea. Oddly, guests will have to cover up indoors. Perhaps the furniture isn’t wipe clean.
The beach directly in front of the hotel is public, and therefore off-limits to nudists, but the resort has its own private beach 20 minutes away and will shuttle keen naturists to and fro. The beach has plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas –important if you’re exposing so much of yourself to the sun – and as well as roaming goats and chickens belonging to hotel owners. Very rustic.
Comments posted online are largely supportive of the venture.
“This is a brave venture for Turkey - I hope it does well, even starts a trend,” says Bill from Uxbridge, UK.

"I hope they open one near my holiday home in Fethiye - my kids usually tell me to put it away while we're there!" says Alison of Oxbridge, UK.
“Great news! Like your body? Show it!” enthuses Sara from Alabama, USA.
Not everyone is happy with this move – a progressive one for the mostly Muslim country.
Gill from California says she’s no prude but she thinks humankind should remain covered up.
“I do not wish to look at a person's privates - often there are leakages and so forth. I have seen many nudes on beaches in Greece and Ibiza and also yes the UK at Brighton, and some of them were not a pretty sight at all. Not all your bronzed gods and goddesses were on display - it was more like white as a sheet with veins protruding and bony parts. ... Ugh, cover it all up.”


  1. What a strange remark "cover up because it's not a pretty sight"... If you're not a nudist, you have no business being on a nudist beach, so you'd be better off at a regular beach if you want to gawk at 'tanned gods'...but disappointment will be found there as well :))

    With regards to this resort in Turkey; I thought all beaches were public and could never be owned privately. So even if the hotel rented/leased it from the government, how can they 'block' it for regular beach goers?

  2. Strictly speaking, this is correct. Beaches and Turkish shoreline can not be privately owned or public access restricted.

    Reality, however, is somewhat different; most hotel owners and beach club owners lease a section of the beach from the Government. Access to the beach in front is via the hotel or club only, therefore restricted to those, who are allowed into the hotel and beach bar premises. In turn, this ensures only members and / or paying customers are allowed to the 'private' beach.

    As a matter of fact, the above mentioned nudist beach is not the first or only one in Turkey. Way back in the early 80's, before Club Med in Kemer, Antalya was called 'Club Med' it was a nudist beach called 'French Holiday Village'..

    Cameron Deggin