Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Turkey’s top investment property spots


With the property market back on track after a tough year, investing in Turkey is looking like a wise choice. But not everywhere in Turkey will give you those all-important high returns on your investment.
Lucky for you, our experts have sat down and worked out Turkey’s hotspots for investment property. 

1. Antalya City
At the top spot we have sunny Antalya City property. The city’s fast-growing and young population mean the city is booming. And that young population needs rental properties all year round, so on top of your capital gain you can earn some extra revenue from local workers. The city itself is full of ancient ruins, modern shops and cultural events. There's a gorgeous beach. It’s also close to the airport and flights depart regularly for most European centres.

2. Sovalye Island
Beachfront properties are at a real premium around the Mediterranean. Unless you’re Posh & Becks, you’re unlikely to be able to afford one anyway. However, Sovalye Island is one of the few places where you can still buy affordable, quality beachfront properties. The island itself is an oasis of calm: there are no roads, and access is only by boat from Fethiye. Sovalye Island property prices will undoubtedly rise as beachfront properties become fewer and fewer.

3. Bodrum Town

Bodrum’s star is still on the rise, and with more and more flights travelling between Bodrum-Milas Airport and European centres, the peninsula’s popularity shows no sign of waning. Bodrum Town has it all: culture, nature, history, beaches and great restaurants. You’ll have no trouble renting your Bodrum property out during the summer months and property prices are set to rise along with visitor numbers.

4. Istanbul
Vibrant Istanbul’s youthful population is growing by the year, and the government is struggling to find houses for these young workers. Buying an investment property in Istanbul would see you earning significant capital gains, while being able to command a decent income from rent. Istanbul’s international reputation as a centre of art, culture and commerce is growing, and this has been recognised this year with the city being named a European Capital of Culture.

4. Belek
Turkey’s golf capital has seen a great deal of investment over the past few years, and the Golf Federation of Turkey is planning even more golf courses in the area. The area is already popular with golfers who want world-class courses at reasonable prices. Studies of golf property show that property prices increase the closer you get to the course itself. Sit back and watch your Belek property investment pay for itself as more and more people discover Turkey’s golfing wonderland.

5. Kas
This stylish town is gaining in popularity. It’s known for its sophisticated and private properties and well-heeled locals. Building restrictions here mean development is finite, which is pushing property prices up. A new marina being built in the area will attract sailors from around the world, also driving the prices up. Your capital gains in Kas property will see improvement before long as high-end buyers discover the area.
5. Uzumlu
Uzumlu is one of Turkey’s best kept secrets. It’s just 15 kilometres from Fethiye Town, but it’s like stepping back in time. It has a charming air of authenticity, but is close to Fethiye’s facilities. Uzumlu property prices are expected to rise as more and more expats find out about this stunning spot.
Please contact us if you would like to know more about any of these areas.


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