Friday, 14 May 2010

Police rounding up English speakers

English speakers wanted – dead or alive. Well, alive would be preferable, really. Volunteers from Didim’s expat community are being hunted down by Police – to help police officers improve their English.

The British Consul has been helping a number of Didim’s police officers out with English lessons to allow them to better communicate with the English-speaking community.

English language teacher Kevin Craven has been coaching police officers in the lingo and is now appealing for help from the locals. The rise in English-speaking expats in Didim means that it’s now imperative for police officers to have a degree of English proficiency.

Volunteers would be expected to teach for a couple of hours each week, he said. “This would be a two-way street for officers to improve their conversational English and for expat residents to improve their Turkish."

'Allo allo allo, what have we here?

Kevin said the ultimate aim is for officers to be able to converse with confidence with people with property in Didim and tourists in case they need to file a complaint or report a crime.

“It has been going very well but the officers are keen to take their language skills out of the classroom setting and learn them in real time with British residents in the resort.”

If you live in Didim and would like to help out, contact Kevin on 0538 578 5383 or email him at


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