Friday, 7 May 2010

Talk about living costs in Turkey

Thanks to its low living costs, expats are increasingly heading to Turkey to make a new life. But just how low are these living costs?

We’ve listed a number of common items and services that you’ll need when you move to Turkey. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Note: As of today, 1 lira = £.43, .51 euros or USD$.65

Food and drink


Bottle of local wine                  11 lira
Bottle of imported wine               35 lira
Local bottle of wine in a bar         35 lira
Small glass of beer in a bar          3 to 4 lira

Fruit and vegetables (lira per kilogram)

Tomatoes                              1
Lettuce (large)                       1
Cucumbers                             1.50
Strawberries                          2
Onions                                2.50
New potatoes                          2
Mushrooms                             4
Apples                                2
Oranges and grapefruit                1

Groceries (lira)

Loaf of bread                          .5
Six eggs                              1.39
Litre of milk                         1.69
Box of 80 teabags                     4.79


(Monthly costs for a two-bedroom duplex)

Council tax                           10
Gas                                   15
Electricty                             5
Water                                 20
Mobile phone                          80
Internet                              27
Home insurance                        37

Out and about

Local bus fare                         2
Two-course meal for two with wine     70
Cinema ticket                          6
Taxi (25km approx)                    75

Running a car

Road tax: Depending on the age of the car and the engine, you’ll pay anything from 800 – 4000 lira/year in road tax. Check here under "Sayili tarife" for more information.

Traffic insurance: This varies wildly depending on the age and make of the car.
95 Octane 3.75 lira/litre
95 Octane Ultimate 3.82 lira/litre
Prices may vary depending on where you are.


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