Monday, 10 May 2010

Turkey's first nudist hotel hits a snag

Turkey’s first nudist hotel has hit a bump in the road.
Just six days after it opened, the country’s first naturist resort, near Fethiye, has been forced to close, after an inspection found one of the building’s balconies did not match the architect’s drawings.
The 12 naked hotel guests were forced to put their clothes on and ship out from the Datca hotel. Presumably their all-over tans will suffer greatly from the ordeal.

The resort is located in a quiet location, and naked guests can roam the grounds freely or take a shuttle to a private nudist beach.
Hotel owner Ahmed Kosar smells a rat. Many other local hotels in the area have been allowed to operate – despite not having the correct licences, he said. He has refused to speculate whether the governing AK Party are behind the closure. The party are often accused of quietly upholding a conservative agenda in some parts of the country.
The resort took two years to build, and he had not had objections from the locals.
However, Kosar hopes to move things along quickly, and was optimistic the hotel would open on Wednesday. But if the venture continued to run up against obstacles he said he would consider moving the venture to another country, perhaps Cyprus or Croatia.


  1. well damn. i was hoping to go to that hotel with my family..

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