Thursday, 17 June 2010

Nudist hotel dream abandoned

The dream is over for those hoping to get that all-over tan at Turkey’s first nudist hotel.

The entrepreneurs have abandoned their dream due to licensing problems, the Dogan news agency reported on Wednesday.

“The plan to open a nudist hotel is over for us,” said Gürdal Yüce, an executive of Adaburnu Gölmar Hotel, declaring that the hotel, 15 kilometres from Marmaris, would still run – but in a different form. 

“Our hotel has been closed. There was huge costumer disappointment. It would have been beneficial for everyone, had we been able to maintain our nudist hotel concept.”

Almost 3000 potential guests have cancelled their stay, and the hotel will now operate as a restaurant, pool and aqua park.

The hotel was first opened three years ago as a regular hotel. This May, it began to host a few nude tourists, but was shut down after just five days by the municipality for lacking necessary documents. The hotel has remained closed ever since – despite working hard to rectify the license situation. 

Turkey is sadly lacking nudist beaches. In fact, it’s illegal to go au naturel on the beach and while the law is rarely enforced, nudists and topless bathers will be subjected to stares and heckles from the male population.

Some naturists swear by Patara Beach – it’s so long that if you walk far enough you’re bound to find a private spot. Don’t say I sent you, though.