Tuesday, 27 July 2010

David Cameron promises to fight for Turkey's EU membership

David Cameron has promised to fight for Turkey's entry into the EU, and has said he's 'angry' at the slow pace of negotiations.

Cameron is currently on his first trip to the country as prime minister, and is hoping to boost trade between the UK and Turkey, whose strong economy has made it attractive to outside investment. Cameron is meeting with Turkish prime minister Tayyip Erdogan to thresh out a new strategic partnership.

 Cameron enjoys the ever-popular Turkish kebab on his first trip to the country as PM.

The PM has also expressed his anger at the speed (or lack thereof) that Turkey's EU bid is progressing. He said Turkey could be come a "great European power", helping forge links with the Middle East.

A European Union without Turkey at its heart was "not stronger but weaker... not more secure but less... not richer but poorer".

Cameron has vowed to champion Turkey's cause at the "top table of European diplomacy".

As well as bridging the Eastern gap and allowing stronger trade links with Europe, Turkey's EU ascension would mean rising property prices for the popular holiday destination


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