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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Tales out of Hollywood: Asil Nadir

Turkish businessman Asil Nadir's life reads a little like an over-the-top Hollywood script. 

The Turkish Cypriot built an empire from virtually nothing to become one of 1980s Britain's richest men. After being imprisoned for a whole raft of charges ranging from insider trading to fraud, Nadir made a daring escape from prison by helicopter - with the suspected collusion of the British government. For the last 20 years he's been holed up in his pad in Northern Cyprus - a country that has no extradition agreement with the UK.

Now, Asil Nadir has returned to the UK to fight the charges levelled against him in the 1980s. Read all about the spectacular rise - and the catastrophic fall - to power here.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A car that drives uphill by itself?

An strange optical illusion in the Turkish province of Erzurum is attracting curious onlookers from miles around.

Drivers are flocking to a road in the Palandoken Mountains. Once there, they turn off their engines only to find their vehicle slowly drifts uphill.

The phenomenon has attracted worldwide attention and people have come from all over Turkey to witness the strange sight - some days it's hard to find standing room within 200 metres of the road.

Some say it's a miracle - but the more practical agree that the road, which appears to tilt uphill, is actually a downhill slope - creating a large-scale optical illusion.

A roadsign on the approach to the stretch of tarmac warns: “Mysterious road begins”. Other signs instruct drivers to: “Stop your car,” “Shift down,” “Take your foot off the brake” and “Try it for yourself”.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Kalkan's beach clubs

Let’s face it, most people come to Turkey because of its beautiful weather and sandy beaches. But in the areas where beaches aren’t so sandy or accessible, there are still alternatives.

One such area is Kalkan. The former fishing village has a man made pebble beach, which you can find in the Old Town, just to the east of the harbour. It’s a pleasant spot with umbrellas and refreshments on offer, and of course, the sea right at your feet.

However, Kalkan is also home to seven beach clubs, each with good facilities and shady places to relax. Most of these clubs don’t charge for use – but you will be expected to buy the odd drink.
Here's a quick guide to Kalkan's top five beach clubs:

Patara Prince

This resort has platforms right at the shore line for relaxing on, as well as two pools filled with seawater – including one adults’ only pool. There is also a restaurant and a bar. The best way of getting to the club is by water taxi, which runs from Kalkan harbour. You will have to pay for the taxi and the club’s facilities.

Villa Mahal Beach Club

This is part of a hotel. It’s a small, relaxed beach club with a waterfront restaurant. It’s accessible by water taxi and there is a fee to use the sunbeds.

Kalkan Beach Park

This is the most popular among the locals. The club offers a free water taxi service from the harbour as well as free sunbeds. It’s also the most child-friendly club, with a small, shallow area for kids. There’s a restaurant and cafe serving up homemade chips and pizza, and the club offers water sports and a waterslide during the height of the summer.

Palm Beach Club

This is one of Kalkan’s newer clubs. It’s just along the bay from the harbour – a great place to stop for lunch. It’s a stylish place to watch the lights of the town while you have a drink in the evenings. You can catch a taxi from Kalkan harbour to reach the club.

Kalamar Bay Beach Club

This is another favourite spot. This club boasts a beach area and plenty of space for sunbathers. Kalamar also offers a free shuttle service from the top of the Old Town. There are water sport facilities and a great waterfront cafe.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Ricky Hatton: bowled over by Bodrum

Ricky 'the Hitman' Hatton's latest venture's a knockout.

The 31-year-old former boxing champion has been seduced by the charms of the southern Turkish resort Bodrum, and ha bought an off-plan villa at a local golf resort. And that's not all - the champ wants to build a training camp there too.

‘I’m building a stable of about 25 fighters and the place will be ideal for them,' Hatton told the Daily Mail. 'It’s hilly, which will be great for their road work, the heat will help them acclimatise for fights abroad, and the golf makes it an ideal place to chill after a fight.’

Hatton's four-bedroom, two-bathroom Bodrum villa has its own swimming pool and cost £159,000 (US $248,000).

Born and bred in Manchester, where he still owns a home, Hatton enjoyed holidays to Turkey when he was young, and had great memories of the country. ‘I used to come here with my ­parents and my brother and, now that I could be described as retired from the ring, I want to spend time here with my girlfriend and my own little boy, Campbell,’ he says. ‘I just can’t get over how much the place has changed. There are golf courses galore and Bodrum is absolutely beautiful.’

Hatton is thought to be worth around £25 million. He is known for being careful with his cash, and this latest investment is typical. Golfing tourism is a driving force for Turkey's economy, with 100 new courses planned in the next four years. Belek is the chief golfing area in the country but Bodrum is starting to gain popularity. An investment in a villa like Hatton's will see the savvy young sports star earn significant capital gains.

And how does the boxer fare on the fairways?  ‘To be honest with you, I just hack around the course — I’m not very good,’ he says. ‘But I find it relaxing. And one thing is for sure — it’s a damn sight less painful than fighting.’

Monday, 16 August 2010

Best places for a Turkish tan

 Did you know Turkey has a whopping 7000 kilometres of coastline?

Today's Zaman explores some of the best. Some of our  favourites are on the list (Cleopatra, Patara and Oludeniz) as well as a few new picks.

Where's your favourite stretch of sand?

Friday, 13 August 2010

Peril on the Lycian Way (and how to avoid it)

The story about the two Irish hikers who nearly met their end on the Lycian Way is a reminder that a holiday can quickly turn bad.

Many people throw caution to the wind on holiday, and do things they would never normally do at home.

The Lycian Way is a beautiful ancient walkway extending from Antalya to Fethiye. It's been used for centuries by travellers, and is now popular with tourists.

Safety in numbers: it's best to travel in packs when you're hiking.

Here are a few tips so you don't come to a sticky end on this popular walking track:

1. Know where you're going

Check a map - better still, take one with you. Ask a local what the conditions are like and what you should expect.

2. Tell someone where you're going

Leave a note at the front desk of your hotel, or with a reliable friend. Write down exactly where you're going and when you'll be back.

3. Be prepared for (almost) anything

It may be sunny outside, but you never know what the weather may do. Take a warm jacket and sturdy shoes. Take some food, even a couple of chocolate bars. Take a basic first aid kit with band aids, aspirin and antiseptic. Take matches or a lighter. Take your mobile phone - that's what saved Stephen and his father. And most importantly, take lots of water, as much as you can carry.

4. Safety in numbers

Don't wander off alone - especially if you don't know the area. If there are two of you, one can go for help if the worst should happen. You can also huddle together for warmth, should hypothermia strike.

5. Don't wander off the trail

Sounds obvious, right? But the fact is, most people will try to forge ahead, making their own way, rather than go back and look for the track markers. This is a dangerous move. Always retrace your steps to safety rather than guessing where the track may go.

6. Stay hydrated

I said it earlier but it's worth repeating. Turkey is a hot country and if you forget water and get lost, you're done for. If you're going to be wandering off in remote areas, take some water purifying tablets (available from your local camping store), drinking straight from rivers or streams isn't a great idea and can result in bacterial infections.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Robbie gets hitched - again - in Istanbul

Once just isn't enough for some popstars. Robbie Williams wed his girlfriend Ayda Field last week at their Hollywood mansion. Now, they're going to say "I do" again - this time in Istanbul

Thirty-one-year-old Ayda has been estranged from her Turkish father since her parents split up in 1982. Her father moved to Turkey, where he still works as an advertising executive. Just hours before the couple tied the knot, the bride made an emotional call to her father in a bid to patch things up. It must've worked - because the couple are heading to Istanbul for a second reunion in the presence of her father's family.

'Ayda wants to see her gran Sabahat again. She's 92 and would love to dance at Ayda's wedding,' said her father.

If you're not a popstar and have to sort out weddings without the help of a team of assistants, see here and here for info on tying the knot in Turkey.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Antalya beaches make the grade

Antalya has made the list of this year's top three beach holiday destinations.

Antalya, north Tunisia and Bulgaria's Black Sea coast are the leaders in a highly competitive group of beach destinations, according to research by comparison site Kelkoo.

Kelkoo rated coastal holiday sites on criteria including weather, affordability, safety, cuisine and attractions.

Kemer Beach, Antalya

Managing director of Kelkoo UK Bruce Fair said: 'In the current climate, British holidaymakers seem to be more cost-conscious than ever.

'Although Bulgaria, Tunisia and Turkey may not automatically spring to mind when choosing the top beach holiday destinations, they appear to fit the bill most closely when it comes to delivering against the criteria that matter most to UK holidaymakers today - value for money and affordability.'

And it looks like holidaymakers generally agree, with Antalya Airport announcing its ten millionth visitor earlier this month.

Read about Antalya's attractions here.