Monday, 2 August 2010

Antalya beaches make the grade

Antalya has made the list of this year's top three beach holiday destinations.

Antalya, north Tunisia and Bulgaria's Black Sea coast are the leaders in a highly competitive group of beach destinations, according to research by comparison site Kelkoo.

Kelkoo rated coastal holiday sites on criteria including weather, affordability, safety, cuisine and attractions.

Kemer Beach, Antalya

Managing director of Kelkoo UK Bruce Fair said: 'In the current climate, British holidaymakers seem to be more cost-conscious than ever.

'Although Bulgaria, Tunisia and Turkey may not automatically spring to mind when choosing the top beach holiday destinations, they appear to fit the bill most closely when it comes to delivering against the criteria that matter most to UK holidaymakers today - value for money and affordability.'

And it looks like holidaymakers generally agree, with Antalya Airport announcing its ten millionth visitor earlier this month.

Read about Antalya's attractions here.


  1. This is a beautiful area Antalya......I've been there when we go to Izmir to visit my husband's [Dogan] family.We usually drive down and enjoy the areas getting there. The food there is amazing and great hotels.....thanks for posting. :-)