Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A car that drives uphill by itself?

An strange optical illusion in the Turkish province of Erzurum is attracting curious onlookers from miles around.

Drivers are flocking to a road in the Palandoken Mountains. Once there, they turn off their engines only to find their vehicle slowly drifts uphill.

The phenomenon has attracted worldwide attention and people have come from all over Turkey to witness the strange sight - some days it's hard to find standing room within 200 metres of the road.

Some say it's a miracle - but the more practical agree that the road, which appears to tilt uphill, is actually a downhill slope - creating a large-scale optical illusion.

A roadsign on the approach to the stretch of tarmac warns: “Mysterious road begins”. Other signs instruct drivers to: “Stop your car,” “Shift down,” “Take your foot off the brake” and “Try it for yourself”.


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