Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Naughty and Nude in Turkey

Holidays are important because it gives us a break from our normal humdrum lives; it’s a chance to do something different and out of the ordinary. So if like most Brits you spend your holidays in Turkey why not try something new the next time you are there and be a bit naughty.

It will definitely give you holiday stories to tell when you come back home to the UK, besides memories made on holidays can stay with you for a long time and become something you can look back upon with fondness in years to come.

If it is new experiences you want, they don’t come any better than Turkey, it has amazing views not to mention long sandy beaches among other things which provide water sports and wholesome entertainment for the entire family. However some of these beaches also provide entertainment of the saucy kind just for adults, two places that come to mind are the beautiful Butterfly Valley and Patara Beach. Both are very liberal, gay friendly, and safe places to visit - Turkey is proving to be safe haven for living and has an ever growing gay community as more gay men and women look to move to Turkey.

Patara beach is a 12.5 miles long strip of sand bordered on its ends by mountains and along its length by sand dunes and a large marshy area which was once the harbour of Patara. Even Times Online voted it one of the top beaches in the world; it is also known as the widest beach of the northern Mediterranean.

Patara beach is interesting because although it is officially not a nudist beach, most nudists in Turkey use the beach.So if you ever wonder how it will be like to feel free and walk around without any constraints of clothing then this is your chance.

The gorgeous Patara beach can be the backdrop for your new found brazenness, nudity is not a problem on Patara beach as long as it is kept away from the family end of the beach. The west end of the beach is ideal for nudity and skinny dipping as well as a few other naked things …(if you catch my drift) the beach is so long and wide that there is no danger or bumping into anyone or people seeing what you are up to.

Another interesting location is the Butterfly Valley, it is one of the few places where you can go nude in Turkey and do other things you wouldn’t normally do in other places. It is accessible only via boat unless you are an experienced climber then you can hike there.

Frequented by locals and tourists mainly in the evenings, the Butterfly Valley is the place most people go to revisit their youth unless you are a youth then it is the place to make memories. Possessing a frat house atmosphere, it is the sort of place you don’t know what you have smoked or who you are lying on top of until daylight.

Located just two miles from Oludeniz, the Butterfly Valley is a secluded and really enchanting twenty-six acre valley walled-in by vertical rock where people go to have fun.

So there you have it, all you need to be a little bit naughty and live like a Nudist in Turkey; at least for as long as your holiday lasts. Imagine the experiences and the stories you will have to tell.