Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Turkey and Britain’s Prime Ministers in Times Person of the Year title Clash

Normally both men work together because citizens of both countries live in each other’s countries but all friendly collaboration is suspended, at least until Time announces the winner of the 2010 Person of the year.

Turkey’s premier, Recep Erdogan was nominated for the award because of how influential he has been this year; he was outspoken when Israel raided the flotilla of activists trying to deliver aid to Gaza, he spoke out when most politicians tried to be diplomatic about the whole issue.

If you own property in any of Turkey’s sunny resorts, then you have him to thank for that. He has helped pass laws making it easy for foreign investors to buy Turkey properties. He also makes it possible for Turkey to have an influential role in the Middle East as well as move the country towards a full EU membership.

That seems like a lot of achievements but don’t forget British Prime Minster David Cameron also managed to end Labour’s tenure in Britain, even if he needed, the help of the LibDems to do it. He is also the youngest British prime minster in two centuries and is looking to reclaim the centre ground of British politics championed by Labour’s Tony Blair.

So out of these two, who gets your vote? Don’t worry if you can’t make a choice, you can always vote for Lady Gaga, Lebron James or the Chilean miners who are also on the list. Go to the Time website to cast your vote.


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