Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Turkey takes wikileaks documents with a pinch of salt

We love you, we hate, we love you, we hate you, we love you...I wish people will make up their minds.
In the aftermath of the wikileaks revelations, it’s interesting to see how governments around the world pursue their interests regardless of their religious affiliation. Nothing stands out more in these leaked documents than the hypocrisy of Muslim nations when it comes to American.

These documents show that Arab nations have been systematically deceiving their citizens for years; they criticise American foreign policy publicly while urging them on privately. The Saudis refer to Iran as “evil” and have requested that the US “cut off the head of the snake.” But really Saudi’s are the biggest threat to the US and its allies; same cables reveal that even now the main financiers of al-Qaeda are Saudi donors; 15 of the 19 terrorists that attacked the US on Sept. 11 were Saudis, none were Iranians.

Someone should tell the Saudis that charity begins at home; perhaps they should cut off the head of the real snake, al-Qaeda, by arresting and imprisoning its Saudi financiers before turning their attention to Iran.

Yes America is infuriating with its holier than thou attitude when it comes to other countries but I can’t help but think that if you hate America then you should also hate Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Qatar and other nations that urge them to interfere.

The documents revealed by Wikileaks has done two things, it has the US worried about its relations with its allies while Muslim governments are worried that these leaks will expose the extent to which they routinely lie to their own people. It actually seems like the only government who has come out well in this whole debacle is Israel; they have always made their intentions clear.

Embarrassment or not, it looks like it’s business as usual for world governments; Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan yesterday cast doubt on the credibility of the released documents, he told reporters that “Let WikiLeaks spill the beans first, and then we will find out whether this is serious or not because the seriousness of WikiLeaks is doubtful.”

China also urged the US to "appropriately resolve related issues’’ concerning the leaked documents although you won’t be wrong in thinking they are enjoying America’s discomfort. Other nations said the leak did not alter their relations with the US; who can blame them, they wouldn’t want to bite the hand that feeds them.

In the end the revelations by WikiLeaks might not have an effect on the way governments behave, today they are all back to their double dealing ways but it has certainly opened the eyes of ordinary people about their duplicity.


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