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Friday, 16 December 2011

Pfizer to run 20 countries from head office in Turkey

Giant in the pharmaceutical world, Pfizer, will use its head office in Turkey to run other offices in 20 countries including those in Central Asia and Eastern Europe.
A statement on the company website by regional manager Berk Gurdogan said that Pfizer Turkey will now be responsible for the management of countries including: Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Romania, and Ukraine. Gurdogan is the 35th Turkish national to hold a global position of power within Pfizer.
The decision by Pfizer to base its regional head office in Turkey follows a recent trend of companies uprooting to Turkey as Turkey develops into a leading country and a global force. Pfizer follow other multinational companies like Microsoft and Coca-Cola who have also made moves into the Turkish market.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Arab banks interested in Turkey

An executive of the Union of Arab Banks has said that many Arab banks are looking closer to Turkey for opportunities to get a foot hold in the growing Turkish finance market.
Adnan Ahmed Yusuf Abdulmalek said: “Banks from Arab countries and Gulf countries are highly interested in Turkey. If barriers were eliminated by Turkish authorities, there would be many Arab banks and a large group of investors investing in Turkey’s banking sector.”
Abdulmalek said that banks in Turkey could benefit greatly from investments from Arab banks. He said: “The interest from the Arab banks will be even higher now on.” Abdulmalek said that Bank Audi had recently been granted a license to found a unit in Turkey, and other banks such as Emirates International Bank and Qatar International Bank could follow suit shortly. Abdulmalek said: “If the investment climate in Turkey’s banking sector improved and Turkey would authorise licenses for more foreign banks, leading banks in the region such as Dubai Islamic Bank would want to open branches in Turkey.”
As Turkey continues to become a major influence both politically and economically in the Arab world, it is only natural that ties with investment between the two worlds become more closer linked. Investing in Turkey makes economic sense at the current time and many more businesses and people in the Arab world will look to Turkey in the future for investment opportunities.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Dow Jones Indexes says Turkey has most sophisticated financial market in region

According to a senior director of Dow Jones Indexes, the Istanbul Stock Exchange (IMKB) is the most sophisticated financial market in its region, beating competitors from the Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe.
Dow Jones Indexes Senior Director of International Markets and Products, Deborah Ciervo praised the high level of knowledge and expertise in trade execution within the IMKB. Ciervo said that this gave the IMKB a continuous flow in the market.
The IMKB has recently started a new campaign to educate Turkish company directors on the benefits of listing. There have been seminars since 2010 being held up and down the country to educate directors. The new campaign has led to 25 initial public offerings (IPOs) in 2010 and 18 IPOs in the first half of 2011.
According to Ciervo, the Turkish stock market is more developed and participation in more integrated and secure. IMKB has an integral role in the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) which highlights the importance of the IMKB. Ciervo said: “FEAS is based in the IMKB, as their largest member, and is motivated towards FEAS’ goal of facilitating more liquid, transparent markets in the region, which will take time.”

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Europe troubles to benefit Turkey

The head of the Capital Markets Board (SPK) has stated that the current crisis in Europe could become a huge benefit for Turkey in the future.
Vedat Akgiray, speaking at the Global Change and New Opportunities conference organised by the National Association of Real Estate Investment Companies (GYODER), said: “If Europe is unable to find a solution for years to come, then this is good news for us. Since Turkey is currently in better shape, it will be a preferred investment location.”
Akgiray went on to say that should Europe prevent the crisis from worsening and find a solution to the current economic crisis, then Turkey could benefit from that situation too. Speaking of the current opportunities for Turkey as a nation for growth and development, Akigiray said: “Turkey has not had such an opportunity in the past 100 years.”

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Turkey still wants to join EU despite Euro crisis

Turkey Deputy Prime Minister, Ali Babacan has stated that the current economic crisis in the European Union has not stopped Turkey’s desire to join the EU in the future.
Speaking during a news conference, Babacan urged European countries to act carefully to sort out the sovereign debt crisis, warning of severe global consequences if they fail to act together and sort out the mess.
Babacan said: “We hope that EU member states who have problems do their homework, and everybody keeps their houses tidy and clean. They should be careful about their budgets and they should do reforms. When there are holes in budgets, no matter how much the European Central bank prints money it’s not going to be enough. They have to close the holes first and then put money in.”
Babacan revealed that Turkey is still looking to bring in the political reforms that would meet the conditions to become members of the EU. The Deputy Prime Minister said that Turkey needed to improve in areas such as the rule of law and the quality of democracy in order to meet the criteria for EU membership.
The EU however, is certainly no model for Turkey economically speaking, Babacan said. While the EU is struggling hugely with debts, Turkey is growing and is now ranked as the world’s 16th largest economy with expected growth this year of around 7 percent.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Turkey could build planes

Turkey’s Science, Industry and Technology Minister has said that Turkey aims to produce its own regional airliner and jets by 2023.
Nihat Ergun was speaking during a visit to Seattle in the United States to see US airline manufacturer Boeing. Ergun said: “Boeing is among companies we can cooperate with.” The minister feels that it is a great step that Turkey needs to take in its aviation aims.
Ergun revealed that there are currently more than 350 Turkish engineers who work in Boeing and Ergun feels that companies in Turkey could help manufacture parts for Boeing. Ergun said: “Some parts of Boeing wing and tail systems are already manufactured in Turkey.”
The Minister said that the journey to the US was a great experience to talk and interact with several key members of Boeing about future collaboration between Boeing and Turkey on research and development into planes. Ergun finished by saying: “Building a Boeing 737 or an Airbus A380 is not similar to making a car. We are not calling for sector to produce planes immediately.”

Friday, 2 December 2011

Nestle wants to invest more in Turkey

Food giant company Nestle as revealed that there will be new investments and growth in Turkey in the near future from the company.
Nestle Turkey CEO, Hans Ulrich Mayer said that the company’s annual growth for this year has been estimated at 20 percent. Mayer said: “Turkey has been the recipient of several Nestle investments many times greater than we invest in other markets.”
Mayer also revealed that over the last four years, Nestle had made investments in Turkey totalling around 500 million USD.
The CEO said that Turkey is maintaining a strong and secure economy while other European economies and the United States are stalling and wavering. Mayer said that competition in the Turkish market is ever increasing and there is room for more investments from Nestle in the Turkish market. Mayor noted that products by Nestle in Turkey are produced locally and exported to the Middle East and North Africa.
Only last year, Nestle Turkey announced a new 55 million USD investment to make and produce cereals in Turkey. The global company has identified Turkey as a strong market for investment potential.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Turkey praised by Arab media for strong role in region

At the recent Turkish-Arab Media Forum, Turkey as a nation has been heavily praised by fellow Arab journalists for the strong positive role that Turkey is playing in the Arab region.
The forum brought together more than 200 journalists from the Arab world to Istanbul. The theme for the forum was labelled as: “Media, new opportunities and possibilities in the axis of change and continuity.” Speaking at the forum, Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Annc said: “It is our wish to see brotherly Arab countries change in the direction of justice and to enjoy an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity instead of chaos.”
Turkey has often been noted as a model for other Arab nations to follow, the Turkish government is strong and secure and provides a prime example for the region. Participants at the forum were extremely complimentary of the Turkish government for what they had done with Turkey; Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was also highly praised for his work in Turkey.
Arab Journalists Union secretary-general, Makram Mohamad Ahmad praised Turkey highly and Erdogan, saying: “Only if Islamic political parties take the Justice and Development Party (AKP) as an example, they could achieve their goals.” Another participant at the forum, Refika Fejjari noted: “Turkey reinvented the Arab world, however, Arabs reinvented Turkey with the Arab Spring.” The huge praise for Turkey continued from another Arab journalist, Ghani Oukazi said: “All the world is watching Turkey with eyes wide open.”
Turkey has been gaining a lot of praise recently for their efforts in the Arab world. Turkey is uniquely placed in the world as a gateway between the West and the East; the current Turkish government is making huge grounds on developing and growing as a nation and has been labelled as an example for the developing Arab world to follow.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Foreign doctors interested to work in Turkey

More and more foreign doctors are applying for jobs in Turkey following a recent statutory decree change that allowed foreign doctors and nurses to work in Turkey.
The new change, introduced on November 3rd, has seen more than 2,000 foreign doctors apply for jobs since the change. Doctors from established nations such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom and even the United States have all shown an interest in working in Turkey.
The change calls for a 5 percent quota of the total number of doctors in Turkey to be allowed to be foreign nationals. There are currently 120,000 doctors in Turkey, meaning that there can be a total of up to 6,000 foreign doctors in Turkey, competition is fierce. However there is no quota for the total number of foreign nurses that can work in Turkey; there are expectations that more than 50,000 foreign nurses could be employed in Turkey in the future.
The number of foreign people looking to work in Turkey is on the rise in recent years as Turkey becomes a more popular destination due to the positives to be had in Turkey. The amazing lifestyle and culture of Turkey is drawing foreigners from all over the world to come to Turkey.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Every province in Turkey will have science centres

Turkey’s Science, Industry and Technology Minister, Nihat Ergun has said that Turkey will open science centres in every province by the year 2013.
Ergun said during a visit to the United States: “Technology firms will directly finance some sections of these science centres.” Ergun was in the US for an official visit to the Exploratorium Science Centre in San Francisco. The Exploratorium currently employs over 300 people and has an annual budget of $33 million.
Ergun said that there are currently 380 science centres in the US alone. There is also 250 in Europe and 300 in China. Turkey wants to increase the number of science centres in Turkey in order to compete with these nations and regions.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Car giants to invest in Turkey

Three car manufacturers have announced that they are to invest a total of 287.1 million euros in car production at two different factories in Turkey, boosting foreign direct investment in Turkey.
The Turkish branch of Toyota announced that they are to make an additional investment of 150 million Euros to strengthen their existing production plant in the Black Sea province of Sakarya. The new investment will create an extra 400 jobs in the area. A statement from the company read: “With the production of the Verso model as well as the new project, the total production quantity in Turkey and our settlement here will increase.”
Another car manufacturer increasing investment in Turkey is Tofas, the domestic carmaker operating under the Italian Fiat brand. The company has started production on a new Combo model car in Bursa which will see a total investment of 137.1 million Euros in to Turkey. A statement read: “The business volume will reach 1.4 billion Euros and will be an important contributor to the economy in the middle to long term.”
Cars in Turkey is a big and important business, the market for cars in Turkey is huge as more people invest in a car in Turkey and the quality of cars in Turkey rises further and further.

Erdogan to be on the cover of Time magazine

Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan will appear on the cover of Time Magazine on November 28.
Erdogan is set to appear on the Europe, Asia, and Pacific regional editions of the world famous US magazine. The magazine cover for the Erdogan edition reads: “Erdogan’s Way” and shows the Prime Minister in a black and white photo with his arms crossed in front of him.
Erdogan becomes only the 9th Turk to ever appear on the cover of Time Magazine since the magazine was first initiated in 1923.
The report inside the magazine shows a detailed description of Erdogan’s recent visit to Cairo in Egypt and reads: “Cairo greeted Recep Tayyip Erdogan like a rock star, with thousands of his fans carrying posters of him, cheering and chanting slogans at the airport.”
The report went on: “Erdogan is the kind of leader which the people rising against tyrants would like to see in their countries. Turkey’s success shows Arab Islamists that they can modernise their countries without severing their religious roots. According to his admirers in the West, Erdogan’s Turkey shows political Islam does not need to be an enemy of modernity.”
Erdogan is a popular leader amongst the West. The Turkish Prime Minister has overseen the rapid growth and development in Turkey of late that has seen Turkey become one of the best growing nations in the world.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

David Cameron says UK united with Turkey to fight terrorism

UK Prime Minister, David Cameron and Turkish President Abdullah Gul held a joint press conference in which Cameron reaffirmed the UK’s strong allegiance with Turkey in fighting against terrorism.
Speaking during the conference, Cameron said: “On terrorism, we stand shoulder to shoulder. We condemn the PKK attacks in Turkey. We’ve taken action against the PKK right here. And in return we look to Turkey as a key partner over the international terrorism that threatens us.”
President Gul talked about both the UK and Turkey as two countries that share common values of aspiring for peace. Gul also stated that Turkey and the UK had a valuable strategic partnership and referred to the current times as a “Golden Age” in reference to the relationship between the UK and Turkey.
It is also thought that the two leaders discussed issues of trade between Turkey and the UK and issues of visa regulations.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

New reciprocity law to increase Foreign Direct Investment

According to the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (IPSAT), the draft law that will see the abolishment of the reciprocity rule for foreign property buyers will result in an influx of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Turkey.
The current law prevents certain foreign nationals from investing in Turkey on the grounds that Turkish nationals can’t invest in those countries either. The new law would allow nationals from all countries the right to invest in Turkey and buy property in Turkey. The new law would see nationals from all countries buying property in Turkey and would evidently have a positive impact on the amount of yearly FDI in Turkey.
IPSAT President Ilker Ayci said: “Turkey’s appeal to investors is on the rise. Potential investors are impressed by Turkey’s high growth rate and increasing industrial output.”
Ayci went on: “Foreign investors take a country’s living conditions into consideration when deciding on an investment. This is because most investing companies transfer their managers and high-ranking staff with their families.” The new law would make living and working in Turkey even easier for foreign nationals.
Turkey’s Grand National Assembly is set to discuss the new law later this month. Turkish real estate is already a leading market and the removal of the reciprocity laws will see further growth of the Turkish real estate market.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Abdullah Avci named as coach of Turkish national team

Turkey has moved swiftly to replace Guus Hiddink as coach of Turkey, naming Abdullah Avci as the chosen man to lead Turkey to the World Cup 2014.
Hiddink resigned as coach of Turkey following the dismal display of Turkey and the failure to qualify for Euro 2012 next summer after defeat to Croatia in the playoffs, the big Dutchman failing to live up to his stellar reputation. Turkey hopes that Avci will be the right man to get Turkey back on track.
After being named as coach, Avci said: “I am very happy to be granted the honour of such a duty; we will take important steps to improve the national team.” Avci will have a contract with the national team until 31 May 2015.
Avci has previously managed Istanbul club Buyuksehir for the last 5 years, leading the team to promotion in 2007 and to the Turkish Cup final for the first time. Turkish Football Federation Chairman Mehmet Ali Ayinlar said: “Coach Abdullah deserved this position; I believe he will reach great success with the national team.”

Thursday, 17 November 2011

US energy companies to invest in safe Turkey

Seventeen companies from the US are to travel to Turkey in December specialising in green energy, energy efficiency, and environmental technologies to explore Turkey’s growing energy market.
Michael Lally, Commercial Counsellor to the US Embassy in Ankara, said: “US companies are eager to invest in Turkey because of their high confidence in the country’s growth potential. Among the 17 visiting companies 11 have no prior presence in Turkey.”
The representatives of the companies will visit Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir between the dates of December 5th and December 9th for talks with Turkish companies on potential joint investments and partnerships. Lally said: “The actual number of the visiting countries was higher but needed to be reduced for the talks to reach deals.”
Lally summarised: “Companies from other sectors are also keen on partnerships with Turkish companies. Two visits by aviation and education companies are scheduled for the next year.”
While Turkey is growing and expanding at a rapid rate, the Turkish economy is relatively safe and secure compared with the rest of Europe. For these reasons, the United States would do well to increase investment deals with Turkey as both nations look to prosper from better deals between each other.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

British property investors looking to Turkey

More and more British nationals are looking for a property overseas and are increasingly looking to the Turkish property market to invest in.
Director of Conti, Clare Nessling, said: “Turkey offers great property prices and as tourism has risen dramatically over the past few years, rental yields are lucrative.” Nessling said that buying a property in Turkey has never been so affordable, and for these reasons, more and more British nationals are looking to the Turkish property market to invest in.
Generally, Turkey is experiencing an increase of foreign investors who are putting their money in to Turkey for various reasons. Turkey offers a stability for your investment that not many other countries in and around Europe can offer. The weakness of the Euro has left doubts in Europe while Turkey is relatively secure and you can expect a good return on your money if you invest in property in Turkey.
British nationals investing in property in Turkey are experiencing an idyllic lifestyle and can look forward to more days in the sun watching the world go by as their property value increases and their investment becomes more and more worthwhile.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Turkish Airlines wins awards in London

The national flag carrier of Turkey, Turkish Airlines has won three awards at an award ceremony in London at the British House of Lords.
The ceremony, held on the 9th of November, saw Turkish Airlines pick up the award of the ‘Best Airlines in Europe 2011’ for their impressive performances to India. The awards were presented by the Asian Guild – an organisation by Asians contributing to the economic and cultural life of Britain.
Turkish Airlines Director General Temel Kotil and Marketing and Sales Director Sezgin Saglam also received friendship awards at the ceremony.
Currently Turkish Airlines flies from Birmingham in England to New Delhi and Bombay in India and there are plans to make new daily flights to six destinations in India.
This award for Turkish Airlines is a sign of the continued growth and expansion of the impressive airline. Turkish Airlines is currently the fourth biggest airline in Europe and recently won another award at another ceremony in Stockholm to compliment the awards in London.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Turkey face Croatia in huge Euro 2012 qualifying match

For the winner, a ticket to the 2012 European Championships next summer in Ukraine and Poland, for the loser, a ticket home to disappointment and frustration. Turkey plays Croatia today in a crucial match for both nations bidding for a place in Euro 2012.
The first leg will be played today at Istanbul’s Turk Telekom Arena, a fiery atmosphere will greet both teams. The second leg will be played on Tuesday in Zagreb at the TT Arena to finalise who will get the ticket to Euro 2012 and who will go home.
Both teams have a history against each other. It was only 4 years ago in Euro 2008 that Turkey defeated Croatia in the quarterfinals in a tense match, eventually winning on penalties. Both will be hoping for no such repeat this time round, both teams will want to win convincingly to avoid the agony of a penalty shootout lottery.
Croatia coach, Slaven Bilic was cautious to mention the revenge factor in the match today, saying: “Revenge is an ugly word, and I don’t want to use it because the Turks won fair and square; they didn’t cheat their way into the Euro 2008 semi-finals. They scored a brilliant goal and showed their character, so our motive is to qualify for Euro 2012, not revenge.”
Bilic stated that this match will be a cup final for Croatia, saying: “We will enter the playoff with cool heads and approach it as if it’s a cup final with no return leg.”
Turkey will be hoping for a commanding victory over Croatia in the first leg today in order to ease the pressure of the return match in Zagreb. Turkey coach Guus Hiddink said: “The return leg in Zagreb will be tense and tough. Though I don’t want to think about it, the fact of the matter is that we will also be under pressure. But we have to overcome and this and instead pile pressure on the Croats and force them to make mistakes. And fan support will also be very necessary in this regard.”
Both Turkey and Croatia are big tournament teams. Both nations normally fare well when they qualify to the big tournaments. No matter what happens, whichever one of these teams qualifies for Euro 2012 will be a threat to whoever finds them in their group come next summer.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Fitch Ratings say Turkish banks robust

A new report released by Fitch Ratings has stated that Turkish Banks credit profiles are strong and robust in 2011 despite some market and regulatory challenges.
The report shows that Fitch views the medium term outlook of Turkish banks as favourable. However the near term outlook for the Turkish economy is set at uncertain as a precautionary measure due to the current economic climate surrounding Europe.
The report showed that fast Turkish credit growth has created risk management challenges for the nation and led to a moderation of capital and funding ratios. However Fitch dismissed this in their report, saying that underwriting standards in Turkey have remained generally strong and healthy while leverage in the system is also contained.
Turkey’s credit growth has begun to slow down in third quarter of this year due to regulatory measures and the weaker outlook of the world. This has reduced the potential for a dangerous rapid build-up of risk in the near term for Turkey, ensuring a safer outlook for the Turkish economy compared with other nations.
Turkish banks swift action and reputation for tight control of their finances has led to an all-round solid performance in the Fitch Ratings.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Vodafone profit in Turkey

Vodafone announced yearly profits are up thanks to strong growth in emerging markets and sustained growth in current strong markets for Vodafone.

The company experienced strong growth in India and Turkey, and produced strong results in Germany, Britain, and the Netherlands. Vodafone also raised its interim dividend by 7 percent on top of a special dividend from US company Verizon.

Vodafone naturally saw some decline in countries affected by the economic crisis, countries such as Spain, Italy, and Greece saw profits slip. Developing and strong nations such as Turkey are beginning to have more and more impact for Vodafone, these nations provide a healthy income for the company.

Analyst Will Draper said: “They’re really great numbers. Revenues are up 1 percent on the consensus and they’ve raised the operating guidance towards the top end of the range. So I think they’re pretty bullet proof.”

The company also moved its outlook for yearly operating profit to the top of its predicted results, changing the forecast from earlier this year to between 11.4 billion pounds and 11.8 billion pounds compared with 11 billion pounds to 11.8 billion pounds at the start of the year. CEO Vittorio Colao said: “We’re confident that we have the right strategy to continue to perform consistently through top line growth, cost efficiency, investment and cash generation.”

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

New Turkey legislation to increase earthquake resistant houses in Turkey

The Turkish government is to introduce new regulations to increase further Turkey’s ability to cope with earthquakes by the end of the year.

A senior official of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) said: “Legislation will most likely be introduced within this year.” The official also said that there will be tighter and more stringent supervision and punishments for buildings that are not up to the new standards.

Turkey was recently hit with a large earthquake in the province of Van that left many homeless. The new standards will lead to more homes in Turkey being earthquake resistant and increase the safety in Turkey.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Turkey to set up second hospital in Somalia

The Turkish Ministry of Health has announced that they will set up a second hospital in famine stricken Somalia as part of Turkey’s ongoing help of the Somali people’s plight.

The Ministry of Health Somalia team head, Dr. Akif Saatcioglu said that the second hospital would be resistant to the severe climate conditions in Somalia and will be significantly larger than the first one. The hospital will be situated near a former parliamentary building in the capital Mogadishu that is now a shelter for homeless people in Somalia.

The new hospital in Somalia will allow Turkey to help and provide aid for a huge amount of people in Somalia. Saatcioglu said that the hospital will be open soon for patients.

Somalia is currently suffering through the worst drought for the last 60 years. A United Nations report has stated that many thousands of people are in need of urgent help daily. Turkey has so far provided an unprecedented amount in aid and help to Somalia, the Turkish generosity has not gone unnoticed by Somali’s who now refer to Turkey as their Brother.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Turkey’s e-commerce booming at rapid pace

The e-commerce market in Turkey is rising and booming new data released has shown.
The data has shown that total revenue earned through online payments in Turkey has increased by 52 percent to 16.9 billion Turkish Lira in the first 9 months of this year compared with the same period last year.

General Manager of the Interbank Card Center (BKM), Soner Canko, said: “Almost one in every five people in Turkey now shops online.” Speaking at the Cardist 2011 International Card and Smart Technologies Exhibition & Summit held in Istanbul, Canko said that Turkey currently ranks among the biggest markets in Europe regarding online commerce.

The data has shown that the total number of internet transactions has jumped by 37 percent in the first three quarters of the year compared with the first nine months in 2010. The total number of internet transactions in the first three quarters has reached 91.4 million transactions.
Canko said that many international finance institutions are watching Turkey with an interest as the e-commerce market in Turkey becomes more and more promising and profitable.

The data showed that internet users in Turkey mostly used the services sector in their e-commerce activities. The services sector ranges from online tax paying to holiday reservations and generated a total of 2.53 billion Turkish Liras in the first nine months this year, representing a 69 percent increase over last year.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Turkey to play Croatia in Euro 2012 playoffs

Turkey has been drawn against Croatia in the playoffs for the European Championships next summer.

Turkish assistant coach, Oguz Cetin said: “Croatia is a strong team. We know them from Euro 2008. They had a style of play similar to ours.”

The match will be somewhat of a grudge match for Croatia. In Euro 2008 Croatia was leading 1-0 against Turkey in the quarter finals, only to concede in the last minute of extra time. Croatia then went on to miss three penalties in the shootout as Turkey advanced to the Semi-Finals. Croatia will be out for revenge.

Turkey is at home in the first leg, and then must travel to Croatia in the second leg. First leg matches will be played on November 11th and 12th whilst second leg matches will be played on November 15th.

Elsewhere in the draw, Bosnia face a tough task against Portugal to qualify for Euro 2012, Ireland will be looking to qualify in their playoff against Estonia, and Montenegro face another tough ask against the Czech Republic.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Turkey to open high school in Somalia

Turkey are set to open a high school in Mogadishu next month in Somalia, a sign of Turkey’s continuing helping of the Somali people.

Chairman of Turkish charity the Nil Organisation, Bilal Celik, said that there have already been 1,000 students who have applied to go to the school. An admission exam has been drawn up for those who wish to study there.

The classes set to be taught include: maths, chemistry, physics, and computer lessons, these classes will be taught in English to the students. Social studies classes will be taught in Somali, whilst the students will also have Turkish language lessons. The textbooks and equipment will be given to the students free of charge.

Somalia has been suffering through the worst drought to hit the country for more than 60 years. The UN has estimated that around half of the population in Somalia has yet to receive any aid. Turkey has sent more than 500 million Turkish Liras worth of aid to Somalia and has promised to build infrastructure such as hospitals and schools. This is the first school to be built in Somalia by Turkey and will surely be followed by more in the future.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Erdogan calls on world to follow Turkey’s example and provide aid to Somalia

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has published an article titled: “Tears of Somalia” in which he asks international countries to follow Turkey’s suit and help provide aid to the famine stricken Somalia.

In his article, Erdogan said: “In addition to the drought, the international community’s decision to leave Somalia to its own fate is also an underlying factor causing this drama. The urgent intervention of the international community can contribute to the alleviation of the Somali people’s distress.”

Erdogan went on: “Turkey mobilised last month to help end this suffering. We consider this solidarity a humanitarian obligation toward the people of Somalia, with whom we have deep historical relations.

Somalia is currently suffering from its worst drought for more than 60 years. People are dying in Somalia on a daily basis. Turkey so far has sent more than 500 million Turkish Liras in aid to Somalia, aswell as building hospitals and providing children in Somalia with an education. Turkey has reached out when it seems the rest of the international community has turned their back on Somalia in the countries hour of need.

Erdogan wants to see more of an effort from the world in helping the drought torn country.

Turkey wants international cooperation against illegal money laundering

According to the Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK), Turkey plans to expand cooperation between international countries to fight against money laundering and funding of terrorist groups.

Turkey recently came to terms on an agreement with France that will see the nations cooperate on terrorism in both countries and is close to making a similar agreement with Germany.

MASAK has lots of cooperation agreements with countries worldwide including: Great Britain, Japan, Canada, Portugal, Sweden, Croatia, South Korea, Ukraine, and many more. The MASAK agreements allow countries to share information to countries regarding matters of international crime and terrorism.

The agreements will see Turkey expand the nations knowledge on terror and crime and could lead to a crackdown on illegal terror groups such as the PKK in Turkey.

According to the United Nation’s figures, it is estimated that money laundering profits globally to the amount of nearly $1.5 trillion every year. Most of this money goes towards illegal activities and most terrorist groups get funding from illegal money laundering.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Istanbul to host World Economic Forum meeting

The annual meetings of the World Economic Forum (WEF) which are usually held in the Swiss town of Davos will instead be held in Istanbul from this year on.

Cuneyd Zapsu, a member of the WEF, said in reference to the meeting in Istanbul: “This will not be a one-time thing.” Zapsu also stated that the meeting will be held from June 19 to June 22 next year.

The meeting will see people from all over the world, Europe, The Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia all come together to discuss policies and the world’s economic situations.

Turkey is gaining a stronger and stronger foothold in the world. The strong Turkish economy coupled with the unique situation Turkey is in, sees Turkey becoming one of the strongest nations in the world. Turkey is currently only behind China in terms of economic growth this year and the meeting next year in Istanbul further affirms Turkey’s position as a power nation in the world.

Last chance for Turkey to qualify for Euro 2012

Turkey host Azerbaijan today at the Turk Telekom Arena with Turkey’s hopes of qualifying for Euro 2012 hanging by a thread.

Nothing but a win will suffice for Turkey who also needs Belgium to slip up away in Germany in the Group A encounters. Should Turkey win and Belgium lose, then Turkey will secure second place in the group and earn a play-off spot for one of the last few remaining spots to Euro 2012.
Turkey is currently third in Group A with 14 points, one point behind second placed Belgium. Germany has won all their matches so far and will be looking to sign off in style with a win against Belgium. Turkey needs a favour from Germany and will be looking for Turkish-German players such as Mesut Ozil to put on a performance and a helping hand to Turkey.

Conspiracy theorists suggest that Germany would prefer to see Belgium qualify for the 2012 championships, Germany shares a border with Belgium and the two countries have many ties together. But Germany players have dismissed this, saying that they are focused on maintaining their perfect record in the qualifiers. Striker Mario Gomez said: “We can achieve a perfect record by winning 10 games in a row so that will be our motivation in our final match.”

Guus Hiddink previewed the match against Azerbaijan and said: “God willing, we will be in the playoff on Tuesday, because I don’t think Germany would like to lose its last match at home.”
Failure to qualify for Euro 2012 will be nothing short of disastrous for Turkey. Turkey is a footballing nation, people love football in Turkey and will not accept failure at this level. Turkish football is recovering from the recent football scandal that has rocked Turkish football. Qualifying for Euro 2012 will go a long way to cleaning up the image of football in Turkey currently.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Servcorp to invest more in Turkey

Multinational company Servcorp has opened a second office in Istanbul at the Tekfen Tower in a development and investment move by the company.

The company, which provides ready and virtual office solutions, invested a total of $3 million for the new offices in Istanbul. The new offices will see the company provide services to around 100 firms.

The company currently operates in 22 different countries and first entered the Turkish market in 2010, with another office in Istanbul. The decision to invest more in Turkey will see the company create more jobs in Istanbul and provide a boost to the company in the investment rich Turkish city that is currently booming with investment opportunities.

Turkey to take on Germany in Euro 2012 qualifier

Turkey will meet Germany at the Turk Telekom Arena in Istanbul tonight in a fiery encounter in the 2012 European Championships qualifiers.

Germany are currently in top form having not dropped any points so far in their qualification campaign, Turkey need at least a point to boost their chances of qualifying for the tournament next summer.

Turkish coach Guus Hiddink said in a preview of the match: “We said we wanted to be in control. We can see this continuing as we reach the end of the qualification stage. We are in control and we are continuing our way. We have to accept that this is going to be a very difficult match. I don’t think that I’m a pessimist but we need to know that our job will be hard when playing teams like these. We need to face the realities.”

Turkish midfield playmaker Arda Turan said of the game: “We will play in Turkey so our spirits and concentration are at the highest level. I see we have a 51 percent chance of winning against Germany.”

There is a growing rivalry between Turkey and Germany because of the close relations between the two countries. Germany and Real Madrid midfielder Mesut Ozil caused some controversy in Turkey when he chose to play for Germany instead of the country of his parents, Turkey. There are many Turkish people living in Germany and this causes the rivalry between the two nations to be heated at international football level. The Turkish national team currently features Hamit Altintop, a German born Turk, and Mehmet Ekici and Hakan Balta, two other German born players of Turkish descent who play for the Turkish national team.

Both teams will be looking to win to put pressure on their rivals; the game today will be a great spectacle for the fans and is a not to be missed encounter.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ceylan latest film a hit. Makes 250,000 Lira in opening weekend

Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s latest film: “Bir Zamanlar Anadolu’da” (Once Upon A time in Anatolia) opened to renowned success in Turkey, grossing 250,000 Turkish Liras in its opening weekend in cinemas.

The movie tells a story about a group of men who searched for a dead body in the Anatolian steppe. It is based on a true story and the movie took just 11 weeks to make.

The film, which has been nominated by Turkey for an Oscar in the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, was watched by a total of 18,573 people in Turkey over the weekend.

Ceylan’s film has proved a success even winning the Grand Jury Prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The movie featured its premiere last month in Turkey at the Adana Golden Boll Festival. The movie stars actors: Muhammet Uzuner, Taner Birsel, and Yilmaz Erdogan.

Ceylan is an acclaimed Turkish director who has made many proven movies in his time. Should Once Upon A time in Anatolia get the nod for a nomination for an Academy Award, it would prove a real boost for Turkish cinema.

Turkish writer’s book to be made into a movie

Acclaimed Turkish writer Ayse Kulin is to see her book “Sevdalinka” turned into a movie.

The book, about the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be made into a movie by Aida Begic, a young female director from Bosnia and Herzegovina. As part of the project, Kulin has been writing a screenplay of the novel and recently discussed with Begic about how to turn the book into a movie.

Talking about the potential of a move, Kulin said the book is about: “The pain of Bosnia citizens. All the events in the book reflect the real life events.” Kulin recently attended a Bosnian literature festival where she revealed that her roots come from Bosnia as her grandparents came to Turkey from Bosnia. She said: “I wrote Sevdalinka and felt the pain of all the people.”

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Street artists come to Istanbul

Street artists from all over the world are to come to Istanbul during the Re-Bomonti Street Art Exhibition to paint on the longest wall of graffiti in Turkey.

The art exhibition to run between Saturday to Monday will see world known graffiti artists such as Rusl Loveletters from Germany and Chu from Argentina create art on the side of an ongoing building project in Bomonti neighbourhood in Istanbul’s Sisli district.
The art created during these couple days will remain in place on the wall for the whole of the next month. The wall, measuring 116 metres, will display to the public the bright and colourful street art made during the exhibition.

The exhibition will take place at Merkez Mahallesi, Kazim Orbay Caddesi, Bomonti, Sisli, 34381 Istanbul.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Notre Dame sold out in Ankara

The new season of the Ankara State Opera and Ballet opened in great fashion with tickets for Victor Hugo’s world famous work ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ selling out.

Head choreographer of the Ankara State Opera and Ballet, Armagan Davran, said: “Since we received great interest, we have chosen ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ as the first play of the season. Tickets were sold out within 15 minutes. The audience likes this work very much.”

The play of Notre Dame sees the lead character, a bell ringer called Quasimodo who is abandoned as a baby only to be adopted by Claude Frollo. Quasimodo lives out his life within the constraints of a cathedral and rarely goes out of the cathedral due to people snubbing him for his appearance.

The world famous play will be a unique watch for anyone in Ankara at the time of the play. Those lucky enough to have got tickets will witness the legendary play bought to live in one of Turkey’s grandest stages.

Hiddink calls on Turkey to secure qualification to Euro 2012

Turkish national team football manager Guus Hiddink has said that Turkey should be realistic in their efforts to gain qualification to Euro 2012 with two crucial upcoming matches in Group A.

On Friday Turkey will take on the mighty Germany before a test against Azerbaijan on Tuesday to wrap up their qualification bid. Turkey currently holds an advantage over second placed Belgium, should Turkey win their two remaining games, they will automatically gain qualification to the tournament next summer.

Hiddink said: “One year ago I said we wanted to be in control, we don’t want to depend on other results. And we are exactly at that point. We are happy that we hold the control.”

Talking about the prospect of facing Germany, Hiddink said: “We must face the reality. We are not on the same level as Germany. We are talking about a team who has very few weak points. However, we should not understate our potential. I think we can get a positive result with the home team energy in Istanbul.”

Failing to qualify for Euro 2012 would be a disaster for the Turkish national team. The Turkish public expect nothing less than qualification to the tournament.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Fantastic Turkey clinch Bronze medal at women’s Volleyball European Championships

Turkey has clinched a bronze medal at the Women’s Volleyball European Championships after a hard fought victory against Italy.

Turkey had lost in the semi-finals to Serbia 3-2 in an exhausting match and faced off against Italy for the last remaining medal position of the Championships. Turkey won the match against Italy 3-2 in a gruelling 112 minutes of play (25-21, 15-25, 25-27, 25-19, 15-10).

Turkish player Neslihan Darnel had led the point scoring for Turkey, scoring 13 points in total and 12 winning spikes.

Turkish coach Marco Aurelio Motta said: “I’m proud of my players. This was a very important championship for my team. We managed to beat the teams of Russia and Italy, and I repeat it again – I’m very proud of my team and its performances.”

The bronze medal is a significant achievement for the Turkish women’s volleyball team. Turkey were not expected to mount such a charge at the championships and to come away with a bronze medal, the Turkish women can return to Turkey full of pride at their performance.

Turkish diver sets new world record

Turkish diver, Cenk Devrim Ulusoy has set a new world record after diving an incredible 87 metres on Saturday in the category of constant weight apnea.

Performing infront of observers from the World Underwater Federation (CMAS), Ulusoy reached the depth in just 1 minute and 15 seconds of the coast of Kas.

Constant weight apnea is the category in diving whereby free-divers use no fins to aid there diving capabilities. Ulusoy completed the total achievement in two minutes and 28 seconds.
Ulusoy was born in Istanbul in 1973 and has been diving ever since he was five years old, becoming a Turkish national athlete at the age of just nine years old. Ulusoy began training for free diving in 2002 and now finds himself as a world record holder in the sport.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Turkish Women’s Volleyball team defeat the mighty Russia in historic encounter

Turkey’s women’s volleyball team have advanced to the semi-finals of the European Women’s Volleyball Championships after defeating World Champions Russia in the quarter-finals.

The shock win saw Turkey win in straight sets 27-25, 25-21, 25-18 to send out a message of intent on the Turkish behalf of winning the competition. Turkey will play the winner of the game against co-host Serbia and the Czech Republic.

Turkish coach, Marco Aurelio Motta, said: “We don’t usually predict the outcome of the match. However, the result against Russia came by surprise. We were preparing for winning but did not expect a 3-0.”

Motta went on: “Our game was principally stable; we controlled the game in all sets. Our defense and service were brilliant. On the other hand, Russia suffered particularly in defense.”

Turkish player Spiker Eda Erdem said of the win: “I am very happy. Playing against the World Champion is very tough but we beat the odds with a 3-0 victory. I hope we maintain our form in the final four.”

Turkey has a real chance to capitalise on this win and move forward in the competition. The European Women’s Volleyball Championship is a prestigious and great competition in volleyball. Should Turkey manage to win the championships it would represent a fantastic achievement for Turkish sport.

Golden Orange Film Festival to screen movies in Turkey

The 48th annual Golden Orange Film Festival in Turkey will run from October 8th to October 14th this year but audiences will have an opportunity to see special screenings starting from Sunday at the Konyaalti Openair Theater in Antalya.

Organised by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and the Antalya Foundation for Culture and Arts, all the screenings will be free of charge and will give film attenders a chance to see top movies at the festival.

The screenings will start with Yavuz Okan’s movie titled ‘Demiryol’ (Railroad). The screenings recently won awards from the 1979 and 1980 Golden Oranges which were cancelled at the time due to the 1980 military coup and censorship.

All screenings will start at 8:30pm and will be shown at the Antalya Artists Association, the Muratpasa Municipality Culture Center, and the Antalya Cemevi, Migros, and Ozdilek shopping centres. The festival will be a great opportunity for anyone in the Antalya region to see some great Turkish cinema at one of the best Turkish movie festivals of the year.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

New Turkish constitution to be ready by first half of 2012

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that the Turkish government want a new constitution to replace the current Turkish constitution by the first half of 2012.

Speaking to reporters in Ankara, Erdogan said: “We will concentrate on this issue of making a new constitution with the opening of Parliament on Saturday. We hope to be done with this issue in the first half of 2012.”

Erdogan also referenced the recent decision by the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) to end its abandonment of parliament and agree to join the parliamentary proceedings, Erdogan said: “You reporters are following me closely. You know I said earlier that the BDP was going to come to Parliament. I had said the same thing about the Republican People’s Party (CHP) as well. The CHP has already come. Our expectations for the BDP’s return also came true with their announcement yesterday.” Erdogan also stated that should the BDP form a parliamentary group, then they could be eligible to help form the new constitution of Turkey.

Erdogan has previously stated that the new Turkish constitution will be a world leading constitution and will be an example for other countries to follow. The old constitution was drafted under martial law after the 1980 military coup and it had been decided that a new constitution was needed in Turkey to give more rights and freedom to people in Turkey.

NBA star makes winning start in Turkey

NBA star Deron Williams made his debut for Besiktas Milangaz in a successful victory for the team in a ULEB Eurocup preliminary game on Tuesday against Dexia Mons-Hainaut from Belgium.

The American star who has joined Besiktas while the NBA lockout continues from the New Jersey Nets scored 15 points and made 9 assists in Beskitas’ 78-70 victory against Dexia Mons-Hainaut.

Sporting no Turkish players in their line-up, Besiktas guard Marcelus Kemp scored 24 points while Zoran Erceg added a further 15 points in the victory, David Hawkins and Erwin Dudley completed the non-Turkish line-up.

The NBA lockout has led to numerous players from the NBA basketball league joining teams in Turkey to play basketball while the lockout continues. Besiktas also signed Semih Erden from the Cleveland Cavaliers but the paperwork has not yet been finalised so he wasn’t able to play during this match.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Fenerbahce chairman files complaint against UEFA

Jailed Fenerbahce chairman Aziz Yidirim has filed a complaint against UEFA President Michel Platini, asserting that Platini made statements that the Turkish club was guilty of match fixing before the case has even been complete.

The formal complaint said: “Although there has not been a court ruling that Fenerbahce Sports Club is guilty of the charges, Platini influenced the Turkish Football Federation along with the officials who are executing the investigation.”

Yildirim is currently being held under arrest amid the allegations of match fixing in Turkey and the Turkish Football Federation has warned that should the club be found guilty, then Fenerbahce could be relegated to a lower league in Turkey.

Platini said in a recent interview: “Don’t get mad at me, get mad at those who fixed the matches. You really don’t know why Fenerbahce is being excluded from the Champions League? The investigation is ongoing. Everyone will learn every single detail once the investigation is complete.”

Greek Prime Minister to visit Turkey

Greek Prime Minister Yorgo Papandreou is to visit Turkey to meet with the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to discuss cooperation plans between the two countries. This albeit the tensions that have currently arisen between the two countries.

The meeting is scheduled for late October or early November, will see the two countries upgrade bilateral ties in all current fields. The two prime ministers had planned to meet previously in New York last week, but Papandreou had to cancel due to the current economic crisis that is engulfing Greece.

Recently Erdogan has spoken out in support to Papandreou, pledging solidarity to the Greek prime minister during the economic crisis that is crippling Greece. Deputy Prime Minister, Bulent Arinc, said on Monday that Turkey does not have any intention to go to war with anyone at the present time.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Onur Unlu wins three awards at Golden Boll Festival

The 18th annual Golden Boll Film Festival in Adana saw director Onur Unlu emerge as the big winner of the night with ‘Celal Tan ve Ailesinin Asiri Acikli Hikayesi’ (The Extremely Tragic Story of Celal Tan And His Family) scooping three awards at the ceremony.

Unlu’s film won the Best Screenplay Award, Best Film Award, and Jury Special Performance Award, in what will be an extremely proud day for Unlu, Unlu also picked up 350,000 Turkish Lira as part of the prize for winning the festival’s best film.

Adana Deputy Mayor, Zihni Aldirmaz said: “Cinema artists are Turkey’s source of pride. Two million people of Adana all together made the Golden Boll Festival a success.”

In total, 14 awards were given out in various different categories for films in Turkey. Some of the most noted awards went to Cemal Agacikoglu for Best Director Award for his film ‘Eylul’ (September), Best Actress Award was shared by Hatice Aslan and Gorkem Yelten, while Durukan Ordu won the Best Actor Award.

Kobe Bryant in Turkey

NBA basketball legend Kobe Bryant has been in Turkey to undertake in numerous sporting relating activities in Istanbul during the NBA lockout in the United States.

When asked about his rumoured move to Besiktas basketball team during the current NBA lockout in the US, Bryant remarked that he is still considering the offer and wouldn’t rule out turning out for the Turkish team in the future.

The LA Lakers star arrived in Caddebostan in Istanbul to open two new basketball courts for Nike and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Speaking during the ceremony, Bryant said that he found Istanbul to be a lot more beautiful than he had envisaged and stated the love of basketball in Istanbul by young people makes him very happy and proud to be a basketball player.

Bryant also visited Turkish football giants Galatasaray at the Turk Telekom Arena where he was presented with a Galatasaray shirt and said that the stadium was one of the best football stadiums he had ever seen. Bryant is a huge fan of football and said he follows Barcelona and counts on Lionel Messi as the best footballer in the world currently.

Next up for Bryant in Turkey will be an appearance at a Nike tournament for amateur basketball players alongside young Turkish star Enes Kanter who was recently drafted by the Utah Jazz in the 2011 NBA draft and whom high expectations are anticipated.

Should Bryant end up playing in the Turkish basketball league with Besiktas he would represent a real coup for the Turkish league in general. The NBA lockout has seen many basketball players look to Turkey to continue playing basketball. The Turkish basketball league is growing rapidly and the NBA lockout will only see more stars move to Turkey for basketball.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Fenerbahce to play for honour

Vice Chairman of Fenerbahce, Nihat Ozdemir has called on Fenerbahce to play for honour this season following the match fixing scandal that has rocked Turkish football of late.

Ozdemir said: “We had to part ways with some players but we signed some important players as good as them. With this renewed squad, Fenerbahce will continue to be the main title contender. But actually, we are not only playing for the title, but also playing for honour.”

Speaking during a general assembly to inform club members what the board has done since the allegations, Ozdemir also said: “The club was hit both financially and morally with the exclusion from the Champions League. Furthermore, the club was damaged by the fact that the investigation has hurt the club’s value on the Istanbul bourse. In total, we lost an income of around 35 to 40 million euros.”

Fenerbahce had originally asked to be relegated to a lower league so that the club could rebuild and not lose two seasons instead of one. The Turkish Football Federation has made a decision to announce findings from the case at the end of the current season, meaning that Fenerbahce could still be relegated for next year, thus costing the club two years. Ozdemir said: “When we applied for demotion, they said we could only be relegated if we presented a formal request that accepted that the club was involved in match fixing and would not seek compensation if the court decides in favour of the club in the future. We told them that it was not possible.”

Finally Ozdemir praised coach Aykut Kocaman for his work with Fenerbahce, saying: “Our league title is a well-deserved one. We have to thank coach Aykut Kocaman and our players. But especially Kocaman’s efforts are beyond words.”

Currently the Fenerbahce Chairman Aziz Yildirim is in prison awaiting results from the trial in to the match fixing in Turkey. Should Fenerbahce ultimately be found guilty, the club stand to lose millions in lost revenue and will be forced to sell players and could be relegated to a lower league. The Turkish Football Federation has promised to clean up football in Turkey for good; the results will be eagerly awaited and could be monumental for the future of Fenerbahce Football Club.

Friday, 23 September 2011

First Turkish Film Festival opens in Rome

The first ever Rome Turkish Film Festival kicked off on Wednesday to a rounding success in the Italian capital.

Organised by the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry and the Turkish Embassy in Rome, the festival will see thirty films directed by Turkish directors showcased during the three day event to the Italian people.

One of the stars of the festival’s opening film, ‘Av Mevsimi’ The Hunting Season, Cem Yimaz, said: “Now films will speak on behalf of us. It makes us very excited that our films will be screened in front of people in another country. Six years have passed since we made the film. We remember once again that we have made a good thing.”

The Turkish ambassador to Rome, Hakki Akil, said that the festival should have been organised five years ago. Akil said that there are only 21,000 Turkish people in Italy and that proves that the festival is aimed at Italians.

Turkey urged to invest in Kosovo

Kosovo’s deputy minister for industry and trade has called on Turkish businesses and companies to look to Kosovo for investment opportunities.

Cuneyd Ustaibo said: “We want to increase cooperation with Turkish businessmen and invite them to invest in Kosovo.” Ustaibo was speaking during the Kosovo-Izmir Business Forum that was held in the Aegean province of Izmir on Wednesday.

Turkish companies are currently in a strong position due to the current economic climate in Turkey. Turkey is one of the world’s leading countries in terms of growth and development, being behind only China this year in terms of growth. As a result of this, Turkish companies are prospering and can afford to invest in other ventures and businesses.

More business ties between Kosovo and Turkey will lead to further development between the two countries and could potentially see both countries benefit greatly financially and reap the rewards of a prosperous relationship.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Blues festival comes to Istanbul

This Friday will see the start of the Efes Pilsen Blues Festival in Istanbul. The successful festival will run from Friday until October 29th in venues around Turkey.

Efes Turkey’s communications director, Emre Topsakaloglu, said: “Within 21 years the festival has hosted 84 groups in Turkey.” He went on: “The festival has hosted 256 musicians and a total of 338 concerts have taken place in Turkey thanks to the festival.”

This year’s blues festival will see 24 concerts take place in 20 difference provinces in Turkey. Headlining the festival will be John Mooney, a successful blues musician from Mississippi. Other acts to perform this year include: Lucky Perterson – another successful American blues musician, and Ricky Estrin and his group the Nightcats.

Istanbul is a very culturally rich city and the blues festival will be very successful in Istanbul. The start of the festival is highly anticipated each year amongst music fans and will be a great experience for anyone in Turkey who wishes to see some blues and rhythm.

Aswell as Istanbul, other locations include: Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Balikesir, Bursa, Canakkale, Denizli, Diyarbakir, Edirne, Erzurum, Eskisehir, Gaziantep, Hatay, Izmir, Kayseri, Konya, Mersin, Trabzon, and even northern Cyprus.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Turkey and the United States to build joint industrial zones

The Turkish-US Business Council has announced new plans to form joint industrial zones in both the United States and in Turkey as well as in other countries.

Following a meeting in Istanbul, Ahmet Yakici, undersecretary for Turkey’s Economy Ministry, said: “These joint industrial zones will contribute to the economies of both countries.”

Yakici added that the new industrial zones will emphasise on manufacturing food and health products.

Yakici said: “The new business council we have established with the US will contribute to our bilateral trade relations and to the trade of third world countries.”

The US undersecretary of commerce for international trade, Francisco Sanchez, added: “We want to increase our trade volume of $15 billion with Turkey by three-fold in the near future.”

Increased relations between Turkey and the US would be beneficial all round. The US economy is currently struggling whilst the Turkish economy seems to be growing and flourishing. Agreements between the two countries could see both nations prosper and lead to further development between the two nations in the future.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Ishak Pasha Palace restoration to be complete in 2013

Ishak Pasha Palace in Turkey’s eastern Agri province is to be completely restored by 2013 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The ministry regional director, Muhsin Bulut, said: “Treasure hunters have done serious damage to the palace, especially on the observatory patio. It may not be seen as important by these people, but even a small mistake can lead to serious damage.”

To cost a total of 8 million Turkish Lira, the project will see the famous palace, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site restored to its former glory. The palace was constructed in 1685 by Colak Abdi Pasha, the ruler of Dogubeyazit and took 99 years to complete; the project was completed by his grandson Ishak Pasha in 1784.

The palace is a major tourism hot spot in Turkey and is known worldwide. The palace was the first I history to have a central heating system in place, and consists of 116 rooms, court halls, a mosque, and a shrine. The restoration of the palace is expected to give a significant boost to tourism in the area.

Turkish mobile firm opens 14 new stores in one day

Turkey’s third biggest mobile phone operator, Avea, opened 14 new stores on Saturday in the south eastern provinces of Kahramanmaras and Gaziantep.

Avea’s chief executive officer, Erkan Akdemir said: “We have grown 18 percent in the first half of the year.” Akdemir also noted that the company are to open more than 100 more new stores by the end of the year totalling an investment of 40 million Turkish Liras by the company.

Recently Avea concluded a deal with Turk Telekom for Turk Telekom’s broadband services to be sold in Avea stores. Akdemir said: “According to World Economic Forum Data, Turkey ranks first regarding GSM coverage. The GSM coverage area in Turkey is far beyond other countries at a level of 97.3 percent.”

Mobile phones in Turkey is a big business in Turkey, most people in Turkey now have access to mobile phones and the new stores and new initiatives will ensure that the mobile phone service in Turkey continues to be of the highest quality and reach new barriers.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Paris is host as Turkish arts showcased to experts and scholars

The 14th Turkish Art Congress at the College de France will be hosted in Paris from September 19th until September 21st which will see Turkish arts in the ancient era showcased to experts and scholars.

The Ottoman and Turkish arts, archaeology, and architecture will see seminars and meetings open to the public to gain some knowledge on the Ottoman Era of art.

Organised by the Paris Embassy and the College de France and the Turkish Culture Ministry’s Fine Arts Department the event will host experts and scholars from all over the world, including the Textile Museum in Washington D.C., the Wallace Collection in London, the Louvre Museum in Paris, the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, and the Gulbenkian Museum in Lisbon.

The event is a great chance to showcase Turkish history and Turkish art in lots of different forms. Those who go to the event will be privileged to be in the company of experts and in the company of historic art that is not to be missed.

Retail giant opens first store in Ankara

Swedish retail clothing giant H&M has opened its first store in the Turkish capital of Ankara to bring the total number of H&M stores in Turkey to eight.

The store, situated in Ankara’s CEPA shopping mall, is H&M’s biggest store in Turkey to date and was opened with a ceremony on Saturday. According to company officials, H&M will open another store in Ankara on September 24.

H&M only entered the Turkish market in November 2010 with the opening of a store in Istanbul, and less than one year later, the clothing retailer has grown to eight stores already as the company looks to invest in the Turkish market.

Many international companies have recently looked to the Turkish market to invest in as the Turkish market is currently flourishing and expanding faster than any market in the world. Investing in Turkey is rich and global companies are seeing the potential and are flocking to open offices in Turkey and to gain a slice of the prosperous Turkish market.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Historic Ottoman ship to be displayed in Alanya

The historic frame of Ottoman ship Cekevele is to be displayed in Alanya in a shipyard following a project sponsored by the Alanya Maritime and Seafaring Museum.

Due to be displayed this week, the ship was recovered from the seafloor by experts and is thought to have been used to supply goods to the Ottomans in the 16th century.

Mayor Hasan Sipahioglu said: “We’re doing this in order to lay claim to our history. Alanya has distinguished itself through this project.” The ship arrived in Alanya on Wednesday and the hull of the ship measure 14.95 metres in length and 4.9 metres in width.

The ship offers people in Alanya a rare opportunity to witness such a historic ship up close and personal. According to the museum director, the ship was most likely to have been built at a shipyard in Urla.

If you are in Alanya when the ship is to be showcased, make sure you drop by and have a look at some truly astonishing history.

Besiktas beat Maccabi Tel Aviv 5-1

In the middle of a diplomatic row between Turkey and Israel, Istanbul’s Besiktas defeated Israel’s Maccabi Tel Aviv in the opening day of the UEFA Europa Cup group stage with an impressive score line of 5-1.

Portuguese striker Hugo Almeida started things of for Besiktas, netting a goal in the third minute and again the 28th minute. Maccabi tried in vain to fight back in the second half, scoring a goal in the 48th minute but Besiktas quickly stepped up a level just two minutes later with a goal from Aurelio in the 50th minute and defender Egeman Korkmaz in the 53rd minute. The tie was settled with Edu scored late on in the 88th minute to seal victory for Besiktas.

Security was extra tight for the match, 2,000 policemen were deployed around the stadium due to the current crisis between the two countries. Turkey demands an apology from Israel for the attacks that left nine Turkish people dead last year. Israel has so far refused all moves from Turkey leading to an intense standoff between the two countries.

Very few Maccabi fans turned up to the match for fear of safety reasons. The atmosphere inside the stadium was tense, with the Besiktas fans making their views heard right from the kick off. Outside the stadium a group of around 300 protesters made their feelings known to the Israelis who turned up for the match. Overall there was plenty of security and everything panned out in a good way, no serious incidents were reported.

Following the result, Besiktas are currently leading Group E with three points followed by Stoke City and Dynamo Kyiv. Maccabi are bottom with zero points after the first match. Besiktas next travel to Stoke on September 29th for their next match in the competition.