Thursday, 6 January 2011

Delusional ‘terrorist’ subdued on Turkish Airline

‘I have a bomb’; a phrase all air passengers have come to dread since September 11th but these days passengers are more proactive than they used to be. This is not the first time passengers have thwart a hijack attempt on board a flight but this incident is almost laughable if it didn't make it painfully obvious how real terrorists’ threats are.

The hijacker, a Turkish citizen from a Kurdish village in the south-eastern region of Anatolia put on a mask and tried to force his way into the cockpit on flight TK1754 from Oslo to Istanbul saying he had a bomb.

He demanded that the plane return to Oslo, before being subdued by passengers, his bomb was fake but I’m sure he succeeded in freaking people out.

According to the police, a passenger was sitting on top of the suspect when they entered the plane to collect him. I sure hope the passenger who was sitting on him weighed a ton.


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