Wednesday, 12 January 2011

McDonald’s Turkey to open 30 more restaurants in 2011

Not sure what Turkey’s obesity rate is at the moment but after this announcement, I expect it to soar to high levels if the rest of Europe is anything to go by.

McDonald’s Turkey opened 26 restaurants in 2010 and they expect to open30 more this year as part of a 25 million Turkish Lira investment to mark the 25th anniversary of McDonald’s in Turkey.

McDonald’s has nearly 160 restaurants throughout Turkey and employs around 4,000 people which is good for the economy but about to turn into a nightmare for Turkey Health Services.

According to McDonald executives, 36 million units of bread, 3,200 tons of meat and 5,000 tons of potatoes were sold last year in its Turkey restaurants. It looks like Turkey will be catching up with the rest of Europe’s obesity levels very soon.


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