Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Morality, a confusing issue in Turkey!

There’s always been an issue about what is considered morally acceptable and not in Turkey meaning producers of creative work are put on a tight leash.

H &M have had to remove its summer ad campaigns which featured swimsuit and bikini-clad models from Istanbul’s billboards and bus stops because they had been vandalized with spray paint.

The company said it pulled the ads not because of official criticism or threats but because of criticism levelled at the advertising company; ‘it did not want to upset the authorities and the public’.

Also word around Istanbul is that the police have been going round removing two seat sofas to prevent couples from sitting together in public. Cafe owners near certain parts of bustling İstiklal Avenue said ‘when we came to open up our cafe one morning a week ago, we realized some seats were missing. The municipal police had removed 12 of our two-person seats and taken them to a storage depot in Kasımpaşa without notifying us.”

I would like to think the police have better things to do with their time than to remove café chairs in the name of moral conduct.


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