Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Ice cream companies race to get a slice of the Turkey Pie

Ice cream companies have intensified their investments in Turkey ahead of summer, with Turkey’s Mado launching its “express” concept for ice cream service and Italy’s L’era Fresca opening its first ice cream shop in Istanbul.

Mado Executive Board Chairman Mehmet Kanbur said ‘The first 10 caravan-type express shops will open in Istanbul, the Marmara Sea and Anatolia regions.’

Some 200 express Mados have already been launched on holiday routes, and the figure will rise to 2,000 in five years’ time, the company has already allocated $10 million to the project.
Meanwhile, the Italian ice cream brand L’era Fresca launched its first shop in Istanbul’s Bebek district on Thursday.

“We plan to open 10 stores in one month in Istanbul,” said Ahmet Toksöz, the founder of Fermet Gıda, partner to L’era Fresca in Turkey.’’ In a press conference to introduce L’era Fresca products, he said their aim was to open 20 to 25 stores in Istanbul and a total of 40 overall in Turkey.

Some 6 million Turkish Liras have been invested in a production facility in Istanbul’s İkitelli district and 10 shops, Toksöz said. “The İkitelli facility’s production capacity is sufficient to meet the needs of 100 shops.”

This rush to invest should give an idea how big the Turkey holiday sector is right now; a week ago the MasterCard Worldwide index predicted some 9.4 million tourists will be visiting Turkey this year. If that’s not a chance for ambitious entrepreneurs to make money I don’t know what is.


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