Friday, 22 July 2011

Turkey starts to see a rise in Israeli tourists again

After a steady decline in Israeli tourists to Turkey; it looks like the tide has turned as the numbers slowly start to rise again. The decline in Israeli tourist figures was attributed to tensions between the two countries going back to the aftermath of the deadly flotilla raid.

According to the Turkish bureau of statistics, only 29,903 Israelis visited the country from January through to May – a 59% drop compared to the first five months of 2010, which ended just before the deadly flotilla raid.

But after reports of alleged calm in the diplomatic tensions, hundreds of Israelis have returned to enjoy the warm hospitality Turkey is famous for. Currently there is one daily flight to Turkey on weekdays and many flights on the weekend – most of them fully booked.

According to experts, Israeli tourists enjoy the 'all-inclusive' culture of children's clubs, water parks, clean beaches, activities for the entire family and good food the Turkey holiday sector provides.


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