Tuesday, 16 August 2011

3,500 year old Mammoth skeleton to be exhibited

A 3,500 year old Mammoth skeleton is to be exhibited in the Kahramanmaras Museum in the south eastern Anatolian province in the upright position for the first time in 33 years.

A special frame is to be built for the Mammoth skeleton to be mounted against so that museum goers can appreciate fully the fossil. Culture and tourism director of the museum, Seydi Kucukdagli said: “We have been considering ways to get this fossil to its feet for a long time now and eventually deduced that a slow and careful approach was the best way, we hope to finish the job by the end of the year.”

Being the first ever mammoth skeleton that will be raised to its feet in an upright position and displayed in a museum in Turkey, the skeleton is expected to increase tourism to the area.
Once completed the Mammoth will stand tall at five metres high and seven metres long, providing viewers with a great insight into how big and powerful these creatures were when they roamed the earth.

With so much rich history and culture in Turkey, museums offer a real glimpse into how life used to be like in the country. Very popular amongst visitors and tourists, museums in Turkey provide a great attraction for tourism; Turkey has recently been excavating and unearthing more historical artefacts than ever before.


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