Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Hiddink to resign if Turkish match fixing allegations proved true

Turkish National team coach Guus Hiddink has said that he plans to resign if the allegations surrounding corruption in Turkish football are proved to be true.

Speaking to a Dutch newspaper, Hiddink said: “If the allegations are proven then it’s ‘case closed’ for me. Football is the world’s favourite pastime. It is a big and wonderful industry, employing countless people, but that doesn’t mean one can get involved in such things (match fixing).”

Hiddink has called on the Turkish national team to prove that Turkish football can be clean, saying: “I did not hold an hour-long speech on the scandal, just a motivating talk; I told them it is now up to them, players of the national team, to prove that Turkish football can be clean and normal.”

The Turkish national team is currently in preparation for an international friendly against Estonia followed by a key match against Austria on September 6th, a win against Austria will move Turkey into second place in group A of the qualifying stages for the 2012 European Championships.


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