Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Jazz in Ramadan to begin after-iftar entertainment

Tonight sees the return of the Jazz in Ramadan concert series in the historical ambience of the Topkapi Palace courtyard.

Organised by Hakan Erdogan, the concerts will feature internationally known Muslim jazz musicians and will provide a great relief for fasting Turks after a long hard day of work.

Led by famed Tunisian-born oud player Anouar Brahem, the concerts debuted last year to great success with an audience of more than 10,500 people for eight concerts. Brahem has been performing jazz music since 1991 and will perform with his world famous quartet to supply the crowd with a great show of jazz music.

As the concerts will be performed during Ramadan, iftar will be provided for the concert goers as the Armada Hotel has agreed to supply the concert goers with a buffet and additional menu items.

There have been more and more music festivals in Turkey of late; the country is coming alive with music and culture. The concerts are due to start at 9pm and will be welcoming people in the doors from 7:45pm.


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