Thursday, 11 August 2011

Third Turkish cargo plane brings aid to Somalia

Turkey has sent a third cargo plane to Somalia to bring aid to Africa as part of the recent government initiative to help Africa as the continent suffers from one of the worst droughts recorded.

The Turkish Airlines cargo plane took off on Thursday carrying 40 tons of food and medical supplies donated from Turkey. The aid will be distributed by the Red Crescent representatives in Mogadishu and includes baby formula and milk powder to help the young generation in Somalia as well as medication to fight against most common diseases.

The third plane follows the first two planes that had departed on Monday to Somalia, bringing to total amount of aid that Turkey has sent to Somalia to more than 100 tons worth of food and medical supplies.

The World Food Program estimates that 10 million people are in need of humanitarian aid in Africa and Turkey has recently taken it upon themselves to send help. A new campaign has been launched to help Africa and fight against poverty in Africa.

Turkey is currently in a stronger position than most European countries economically speaking. The growth and development in Turkey has led to Turkey becoming a powerful nation in the region and a nation that is able to help out others in need.


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