Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tourism in Antalya on the rise

Recent statistics have shown that Antalya is a hot spot for tourism in Turkey with the first eight months of the year seeing an increase of 13 percent compared with last year.

According to the Tourism Ministry office in Antalya, there were approximately 7.56 million tourists who visited Antalya airports during the first eight months of the year. The Mediterranean destination is proving a popular area for tourists looking to experience the warm and vibrant culture of Turkey.

In the same period of 2010, the total number of tourists who visited Antalya was approximately 6.67 million people according to the statistics.

The rise in tourism in Turkey symbolises the current state of Turkey. Turkey is currently experiencing a sharp increase in tourism and property in Turkey sales. Turkey as a country is also currently relatively strong compared with neighbouring European countries in terms of economy and politically. Turkey has been called a model for other countries to follow and it seems as though this is being reflected by the number of tourists who are flocking to Turkey this year.


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