Friday, 26 August 2011

Turkey and China sign energy cooperation deal

Turkey and China have come to terms an agreement to cooperate together in many fields of the energy sector.

The agreement, which reads: “The parties are willing to enhance consultations in the energy sector, exchange information on energy policies, strategies, technologies and projects, and create opportunities and accommodate concrete cooperation between energy enterprises of the two countries in Turkey, in China and in third countries.” The agreement will see the two countries share information on nuclear power and boron minerals within the energy sector.

The agreement, a five year cooperation deal, has been undersigned by the Turkish Energy Ministry and will have possibilities of expanding the deal upon future agreements to be made by both countries.

Key to the cooperation will be nuclear power, boron technologies, renewable energy, thermal power, energy conservation, hydrocarbon exploration, solar energy equipment, hydroelectric power plants, and production and mining technologies. The sharing of information on these fields will see both countries benefit from the expertise of the other country and is a leading agreement for both countries.

According to the deal, there will also be options for Turkey and China to not only cooperate at the Energy Ministry Level, but also to create partnerships with related enterprises and research institutions from both countries.

The deal is a significant deal for both countries. Turkey and China are two of the world’s leading countries in terms of growth and development. The agreement will see both countries benefit from an ever expanding relationship that will continue to support growth in both countries and see both countries continue to develop.


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