Monday, 15 August 2011

Turkish-Americans open first University in US

A recently opened University in Texas is set to become the first University in the US launched by Turkish-American entrepreneurs.

North American College (NAC) will open in Houston in 2011 to students from more than 40 countries and will look to increase the number of students enrolled to more than 3,000 over the next five years of development.

The vice rector of the university, Professor John C. Topuz called on Turkish students to consider applying for the university, saying: “I want them to come not only for the good of our institution but also to prepare them to better integrate with the world at large. One of our slogans is to train students to be ready for the world.” He noted that students who come from Turkey have no difficulty in adapting to the environment at NAC.

Topuz went on to say: “It is a great pleasure to make this contribution to our people. I would like to make an open call to all Turks who are considering studying in the US; they now have a university in this country ready to host them.

The NAC currently has three departments for study: Business Administration, Computer Science, and Education. Looking to launch additional departments soon, the NAC is beginning to offer fully academic accredited bachelor degrees, something Topuz noted was a great achievement for the NAC.

This is a great development for Turkey and Turkish students. An international university where students can study and learn new cultures and skills will benefit Turkey greatly in the future.


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