Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Turkish director wins award as best director in Germany

Turkish play director, Nurkan Erpulat has won an award in Germany for the best director of the year, with his play “Verrucktes Blut (Crazy Blood) also named as best theatre play of the year by Theatre Heute magazine in Germany.

Erpulat said: “I am happy for the immigrant society that lives here in Germany because from time to time in theatre society, the immigrants, such as Yugoslavs, Kurds, Arabs or Turks are treated condescendingly. That’s why I am really proud to become the best director of the year.”

Speaking of the play, Erpulat said: “The play takes place in a classroom. The teacher and the students are trying to understand a play by Schiller but they can’t analyse it because the students won’t listen to their teacher.” The play focuses on an ironic background and addresses the problems of an immigrant society.

Germany is a country that has many immigrant artists, Erpulat said: “Those artists do not have any chance to prove their success in society because they don’t receive any support.” This is a great achievement for a Turkish immigrant living abroad.

“Crazy Blood” will be featured at the annual Berlin Ballhaus Naunynstrasse Culture and Arts Association.


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