Friday, 26 August 2011

Turkish gallery comes to New York

The first Turkish gallery in New York will open on September 8 in Chelsea where some of the world’s most respectable galleries are situated.

The gallery, named: C24, will be a Turkish gallery that presents contemporary art from beyond the usual circle of US and European cities. Executive director of C24, Kristen Lynn Johnston, said: “Our mission is to bring an exciting and sometimes provocative new international perspective to the street that has the highest concentration of important art galleries in New York.”

She went on to say: “Thanks to our strong connections to burgeoning creative centres such as Istanbul, Mumbai and Sao Paulo, we have the opportunity to expand the New York art world, and perhaps even bring it a new energy.”

The first exhibition will be titled: “Double Crescent: Art from Istanbul and New Orleans.” The exhibit will feature works from established artists and also from artists that are emerging with potential.


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