Friday, 16 September 2011

Historic Ottoman ship to be displayed in Alanya

The historic frame of Ottoman ship Cekevele is to be displayed in Alanya in a shipyard following a project sponsored by the Alanya Maritime and Seafaring Museum.

Due to be displayed this week, the ship was recovered from the seafloor by experts and is thought to have been used to supply goods to the Ottomans in the 16th century.

Mayor Hasan Sipahioglu said: “We’re doing this in order to lay claim to our history. Alanya has distinguished itself through this project.” The ship arrived in Alanya on Wednesday and the hull of the ship measure 14.95 metres in length and 4.9 metres in width.

The ship offers people in Alanya a rare opportunity to witness such a historic ship up close and personal. According to the museum director, the ship was most likely to have been built at a shipyard in Urla.

If you are in Alanya when the ship is to be showcased, make sure you drop by and have a look at some truly astonishing history.


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