Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Turkey and the United States to build joint industrial zones

The Turkish-US Business Council has announced new plans to form joint industrial zones in both the United States and in Turkey as well as in other countries.

Following a meeting in Istanbul, Ahmet Yakici, undersecretary for Turkey’s Economy Ministry, said: “These joint industrial zones will contribute to the economies of both countries.”

Yakici added that the new industrial zones will emphasise on manufacturing food and health products.

Yakici said: “The new business council we have established with the US will contribute to our bilateral trade relations and to the trade of third world countries.”

The US undersecretary of commerce for international trade, Francisco Sanchez, added: “We want to increase our trade volume of $15 billion with Turkey by three-fold in the near future.”

Increased relations between Turkey and the US would be beneficial all round. The US economy is currently struggling whilst the Turkish economy seems to be growing and flourishing. Agreements between the two countries could see both nations prosper and lead to further development between the two nations in the future.


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