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Friday, 14 October 2011

Turkey to play Croatia in Euro 2012 playoffs

Turkey has been drawn against Croatia in the playoffs for the European Championships next summer.

Turkish assistant coach, Oguz Cetin said: “Croatia is a strong team. We know them from Euro 2008. They had a style of play similar to ours.”

The match will be somewhat of a grudge match for Croatia. In Euro 2008 Croatia was leading 1-0 against Turkey in the quarter finals, only to concede in the last minute of extra time. Croatia then went on to miss three penalties in the shootout as Turkey advanced to the Semi-Finals. Croatia will be out for revenge.

Turkey is at home in the first leg, and then must travel to Croatia in the second leg. First leg matches will be played on November 11th and 12th whilst second leg matches will be played on November 15th.

Elsewhere in the draw, Bosnia face a tough task against Portugal to qualify for Euro 2012, Ireland will be looking to qualify in their playoff against Estonia, and Montenegro face another tough ask against the Czech Republic.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Turkey to open high school in Somalia

Turkey are set to open a high school in Mogadishu next month in Somalia, a sign of Turkey’s continuing helping of the Somali people.

Chairman of Turkish charity the Nil Organisation, Bilal Celik, said that there have already been 1,000 students who have applied to go to the school. An admission exam has been drawn up for those who wish to study there.

The classes set to be taught include: maths, chemistry, physics, and computer lessons, these classes will be taught in English to the students. Social studies classes will be taught in Somali, whilst the students will also have Turkish language lessons. The textbooks and equipment will be given to the students free of charge.

Somalia has been suffering through the worst drought to hit the country for more than 60 years. The UN has estimated that around half of the population in Somalia has yet to receive any aid. Turkey has sent more than 500 million Turkish Liras worth of aid to Somalia and has promised to build infrastructure such as hospitals and schools. This is the first school to be built in Somalia by Turkey and will surely be followed by more in the future.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Erdogan calls on world to follow Turkey’s example and provide aid to Somalia

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has published an article titled: “Tears of Somalia” in which he asks international countries to follow Turkey’s suit and help provide aid to the famine stricken Somalia.

In his article, Erdogan said: “In addition to the drought, the international community’s decision to leave Somalia to its own fate is also an underlying factor causing this drama. The urgent intervention of the international community can contribute to the alleviation of the Somali people’s distress.”

Erdogan went on: “Turkey mobilised last month to help end this suffering. We consider this solidarity a humanitarian obligation toward the people of Somalia, with whom we have deep historical relations.

Somalia is currently suffering from its worst drought for more than 60 years. People are dying in Somalia on a daily basis. Turkey so far has sent more than 500 million Turkish Liras in aid to Somalia, aswell as building hospitals and providing children in Somalia with an education. Turkey has reached out when it seems the rest of the international community has turned their back on Somalia in the countries hour of need.

Erdogan wants to see more of an effort from the world in helping the drought torn country.

Turkey wants international cooperation against illegal money laundering

According to the Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK), Turkey plans to expand cooperation between international countries to fight against money laundering and funding of terrorist groups.

Turkey recently came to terms on an agreement with France that will see the nations cooperate on terrorism in both countries and is close to making a similar agreement with Germany.

MASAK has lots of cooperation agreements with countries worldwide including: Great Britain, Japan, Canada, Portugal, Sweden, Croatia, South Korea, Ukraine, and many more. The MASAK agreements allow countries to share information to countries regarding matters of international crime and terrorism.

The agreements will see Turkey expand the nations knowledge on terror and crime and could lead to a crackdown on illegal terror groups such as the PKK in Turkey.

According to the United Nation’s figures, it is estimated that money laundering profits globally to the amount of nearly $1.5 trillion every year. Most of this money goes towards illegal activities and most terrorist groups get funding from illegal money laundering.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Istanbul to host World Economic Forum meeting

The annual meetings of the World Economic Forum (WEF) which are usually held in the Swiss town of Davos will instead be held in Istanbul from this year on.

Cuneyd Zapsu, a member of the WEF, said in reference to the meeting in Istanbul: “This will not be a one-time thing.” Zapsu also stated that the meeting will be held from June 19 to June 22 next year.

The meeting will see people from all over the world, Europe, The Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia all come together to discuss policies and the world’s economic situations.

Turkey is gaining a stronger and stronger foothold in the world. The strong Turkish economy coupled with the unique situation Turkey is in, sees Turkey becoming one of the strongest nations in the world. Turkey is currently only behind China in terms of economic growth this year and the meeting next year in Istanbul further affirms Turkey’s position as a power nation in the world.

Last chance for Turkey to qualify for Euro 2012

Turkey host Azerbaijan today at the Turk Telekom Arena with Turkey’s hopes of qualifying for Euro 2012 hanging by a thread.

Nothing but a win will suffice for Turkey who also needs Belgium to slip up away in Germany in the Group A encounters. Should Turkey win and Belgium lose, then Turkey will secure second place in the group and earn a play-off spot for one of the last few remaining spots to Euro 2012.
Turkey is currently third in Group A with 14 points, one point behind second placed Belgium. Germany has won all their matches so far and will be looking to sign off in style with a win against Belgium. Turkey needs a favour from Germany and will be looking for Turkish-German players such as Mesut Ozil to put on a performance and a helping hand to Turkey.

Conspiracy theorists suggest that Germany would prefer to see Belgium qualify for the 2012 championships, Germany shares a border with Belgium and the two countries have many ties together. But Germany players have dismissed this, saying that they are focused on maintaining their perfect record in the qualifiers. Striker Mario Gomez said: “We can achieve a perfect record by winning 10 games in a row so that will be our motivation in our final match.”

Guus Hiddink previewed the match against Azerbaijan and said: “God willing, we will be in the playoff on Tuesday, because I don’t think Germany would like to lose its last match at home.”
Failure to qualify for Euro 2012 will be nothing short of disastrous for Turkey. Turkey is a footballing nation, people love football in Turkey and will not accept failure at this level. Turkish football is recovering from the recent football scandal that has rocked Turkish football. Qualifying for Euro 2012 will go a long way to cleaning up the image of football in Turkey currently.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Servcorp to invest more in Turkey

Multinational company Servcorp has opened a second office in Istanbul at the Tekfen Tower in a development and investment move by the company.

The company, which provides ready and virtual office solutions, invested a total of $3 million for the new offices in Istanbul. The new offices will see the company provide services to around 100 firms.

The company currently operates in 22 different countries and first entered the Turkish market in 2010, with another office in Istanbul. The decision to invest more in Turkey will see the company create more jobs in Istanbul and provide a boost to the company in the investment rich Turkish city that is currently booming with investment opportunities.

Turkey to take on Germany in Euro 2012 qualifier

Turkey will meet Germany at the Turk Telekom Arena in Istanbul tonight in a fiery encounter in the 2012 European Championships qualifiers.

Germany are currently in top form having not dropped any points so far in their qualification campaign, Turkey need at least a point to boost their chances of qualifying for the tournament next summer.

Turkish coach Guus Hiddink said in a preview of the match: “We said we wanted to be in control. We can see this continuing as we reach the end of the qualification stage. We are in control and we are continuing our way. We have to accept that this is going to be a very difficult match. I don’t think that I’m a pessimist but we need to know that our job will be hard when playing teams like these. We need to face the realities.”

Turkish midfield playmaker Arda Turan said of the game: “We will play in Turkey so our spirits and concentration are at the highest level. I see we have a 51 percent chance of winning against Germany.”

There is a growing rivalry between Turkey and Germany because of the close relations between the two countries. Germany and Real Madrid midfielder Mesut Ozil caused some controversy in Turkey when he chose to play for Germany instead of the country of his parents, Turkey. There are many Turkish people living in Germany and this causes the rivalry between the two nations to be heated at international football level. The Turkish national team currently features Hamit Altintop, a German born Turk, and Mehmet Ekici and Hakan Balta, two other German born players of Turkish descent who play for the Turkish national team.

Both teams will be looking to win to put pressure on their rivals; the game today will be a great spectacle for the fans and is a not to be missed encounter.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ceylan latest film a hit. Makes 250,000 Lira in opening weekend

Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s latest film: “Bir Zamanlar Anadolu’da” (Once Upon A time in Anatolia) opened to renowned success in Turkey, grossing 250,000 Turkish Liras in its opening weekend in cinemas.

The movie tells a story about a group of men who searched for a dead body in the Anatolian steppe. It is based on a true story and the movie took just 11 weeks to make.

The film, which has been nominated by Turkey for an Oscar in the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, was watched by a total of 18,573 people in Turkey over the weekend.

Ceylan’s film has proved a success even winning the Grand Jury Prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The movie featured its premiere last month in Turkey at the Adana Golden Boll Festival. The movie stars actors: Muhammet Uzuner, Taner Birsel, and Yilmaz Erdogan.

Ceylan is an acclaimed Turkish director who has made many proven movies in his time. Should Once Upon A time in Anatolia get the nod for a nomination for an Academy Award, it would prove a real boost for Turkish cinema.

Turkish writer’s book to be made into a movie

Acclaimed Turkish writer Ayse Kulin is to see her book “Sevdalinka” turned into a movie.

The book, about the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be made into a movie by Aida Begic, a young female director from Bosnia and Herzegovina. As part of the project, Kulin has been writing a screenplay of the novel and recently discussed with Begic about how to turn the book into a movie.

Talking about the potential of a move, Kulin said the book is about: “The pain of Bosnia citizens. All the events in the book reflect the real life events.” Kulin recently attended a Bosnian literature festival where she revealed that her roots come from Bosnia as her grandparents came to Turkey from Bosnia. She said: “I wrote Sevdalinka and felt the pain of all the people.”

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Street artists come to Istanbul

Street artists from all over the world are to come to Istanbul during the Re-Bomonti Street Art Exhibition to paint on the longest wall of graffiti in Turkey.

The art exhibition to run between Saturday to Monday will see world known graffiti artists such as Rusl Loveletters from Germany and Chu from Argentina create art on the side of an ongoing building project in Bomonti neighbourhood in Istanbul’s Sisli district.
The art created during these couple days will remain in place on the wall for the whole of the next month. The wall, measuring 116 metres, will display to the public the bright and colourful street art made during the exhibition.

The exhibition will take place at Merkez Mahallesi, Kazim Orbay Caddesi, Bomonti, Sisli, 34381 Istanbul.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Notre Dame sold out in Ankara

The new season of the Ankara State Opera and Ballet opened in great fashion with tickets for Victor Hugo’s world famous work ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ selling out.

Head choreographer of the Ankara State Opera and Ballet, Armagan Davran, said: “Since we received great interest, we have chosen ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ as the first play of the season. Tickets were sold out within 15 minutes. The audience likes this work very much.”

The play of Notre Dame sees the lead character, a bell ringer called Quasimodo who is abandoned as a baby only to be adopted by Claude Frollo. Quasimodo lives out his life within the constraints of a cathedral and rarely goes out of the cathedral due to people snubbing him for his appearance.

The world famous play will be a unique watch for anyone in Ankara at the time of the play. Those lucky enough to have got tickets will witness the legendary play bought to live in one of Turkey’s grandest stages.

Hiddink calls on Turkey to secure qualification to Euro 2012

Turkish national team football manager Guus Hiddink has said that Turkey should be realistic in their efforts to gain qualification to Euro 2012 with two crucial upcoming matches in Group A.

On Friday Turkey will take on the mighty Germany before a test against Azerbaijan on Tuesday to wrap up their qualification bid. Turkey currently holds an advantage over second placed Belgium, should Turkey win their two remaining games, they will automatically gain qualification to the tournament next summer.

Hiddink said: “One year ago I said we wanted to be in control, we don’t want to depend on other results. And we are exactly at that point. We are happy that we hold the control.”

Talking about the prospect of facing Germany, Hiddink said: “We must face the reality. We are not on the same level as Germany. We are talking about a team who has very few weak points. However, we should not understate our potential. I think we can get a positive result with the home team energy in Istanbul.”

Failing to qualify for Euro 2012 would be a disaster for the Turkish national team. The Turkish public expect nothing less than qualification to the tournament.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Fantastic Turkey clinch Bronze medal at women’s Volleyball European Championships

Turkey has clinched a bronze medal at the Women’s Volleyball European Championships after a hard fought victory against Italy.

Turkey had lost in the semi-finals to Serbia 3-2 in an exhausting match and faced off against Italy for the last remaining medal position of the Championships. Turkey won the match against Italy 3-2 in a gruelling 112 minutes of play (25-21, 15-25, 25-27, 25-19, 15-10).

Turkish player Neslihan Darnel had led the point scoring for Turkey, scoring 13 points in total and 12 winning spikes.

Turkish coach Marco Aurelio Motta said: “I’m proud of my players. This was a very important championship for my team. We managed to beat the teams of Russia and Italy, and I repeat it again – I’m very proud of my team and its performances.”

The bronze medal is a significant achievement for the Turkish women’s volleyball team. Turkey were not expected to mount such a charge at the championships and to come away with a bronze medal, the Turkish women can return to Turkey full of pride at their performance.

Turkish diver sets new world record

Turkish diver, Cenk Devrim Ulusoy has set a new world record after diving an incredible 87 metres on Saturday in the category of constant weight apnea.

Performing infront of observers from the World Underwater Federation (CMAS), Ulusoy reached the depth in just 1 minute and 15 seconds of the coast of Kas.

Constant weight apnea is the category in diving whereby free-divers use no fins to aid there diving capabilities. Ulusoy completed the total achievement in two minutes and 28 seconds.
Ulusoy was born in Istanbul in 1973 and has been diving ever since he was five years old, becoming a Turkish national athlete at the age of just nine years old. Ulusoy began training for free diving in 2002 and now finds himself as a world record holder in the sport.