Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Erdogan calls on world to follow Turkey’s example and provide aid to Somalia

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has published an article titled: “Tears of Somalia” in which he asks international countries to follow Turkey’s suit and help provide aid to the famine stricken Somalia.

In his article, Erdogan said: “In addition to the drought, the international community’s decision to leave Somalia to its own fate is also an underlying factor causing this drama. The urgent intervention of the international community can contribute to the alleviation of the Somali people’s distress.”

Erdogan went on: “Turkey mobilised last month to help end this suffering. We consider this solidarity a humanitarian obligation toward the people of Somalia, with whom we have deep historical relations.

Somalia is currently suffering from its worst drought for more than 60 years. People are dying in Somalia on a daily basis. Turkey so far has sent more than 500 million Turkish Liras in aid to Somalia, aswell as building hospitals and providing children in Somalia with an education. Turkey has reached out when it seems the rest of the international community has turned their back on Somalia in the countries hour of need.

Erdogan wants to see more of an effort from the world in helping the drought torn country.


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