Tuesday, 15 November 2011

British property investors looking to Turkey

More and more British nationals are looking for a property overseas and are increasingly looking to the Turkish property market to invest in.
Director of Conti, Clare Nessling, said: “Turkey offers great property prices and as tourism has risen dramatically over the past few years, rental yields are lucrative.” Nessling said that buying a property in Turkey has never been so affordable, and for these reasons, more and more British nationals are looking to the Turkish property market to invest in.
Generally, Turkey is experiencing an increase of foreign investors who are putting their money in to Turkey for various reasons. Turkey offers a stability for your investment that not many other countries in and around Europe can offer. The weakness of the Euro has left doubts in Europe while Turkey is relatively secure and you can expect a good return on your money if you invest in property in Turkey.
British nationals investing in property in Turkey are experiencing an idyllic lifestyle and can look forward to more days in the sun watching the world go by as their property value increases and their investment becomes more and more worthwhile.


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