Thursday, 24 November 2011

David Cameron says UK united with Turkey to fight terrorism

UK Prime Minister, David Cameron and Turkish President Abdullah Gul held a joint press conference in which Cameron reaffirmed the UK’s strong allegiance with Turkey in fighting against terrorism.
Speaking during the conference, Cameron said: “On terrorism, we stand shoulder to shoulder. We condemn the PKK attacks in Turkey. We’ve taken action against the PKK right here. And in return we look to Turkey as a key partner over the international terrorism that threatens us.”
President Gul talked about both the UK and Turkey as two countries that share common values of aspiring for peace. Gul also stated that Turkey and the UK had a valuable strategic partnership and referred to the current times as a “Golden Age” in reference to the relationship between the UK and Turkey.
It is also thought that the two leaders discussed issues of trade between Turkey and the UK and issues of visa regulations.


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