Monday, 7 November 2011

Turkey to set up second hospital in Somalia

The Turkish Ministry of Health has announced that they will set up a second hospital in famine stricken Somalia as part of Turkey’s ongoing help of the Somali people’s plight.

The Ministry of Health Somalia team head, Dr. Akif Saatcioglu said that the second hospital would be resistant to the severe climate conditions in Somalia and will be significantly larger than the first one. The hospital will be situated near a former parliamentary building in the capital Mogadishu that is now a shelter for homeless people in Somalia.

The new hospital in Somalia will allow Turkey to help and provide aid for a huge amount of people in Somalia. Saatcioglu said that the hospital will be open soon for patients.

Somalia is currently suffering through the worst drought for the last 60 years. A United Nations report has stated that many thousands of people are in need of urgent help daily. Turkey has so far provided an unprecedented amount in aid and help to Somalia, the Turkish generosity has not gone unnoticed by Somali’s who now refer to Turkey as their Brother.


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