Thursday, 17 November 2011

US energy companies to invest in safe Turkey

Seventeen companies from the US are to travel to Turkey in December specialising in green energy, energy efficiency, and environmental technologies to explore Turkey’s growing energy market.
Michael Lally, Commercial Counsellor to the US Embassy in Ankara, said: “US companies are eager to invest in Turkey because of their high confidence in the country’s growth potential. Among the 17 visiting companies 11 have no prior presence in Turkey.”
The representatives of the companies will visit Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir between the dates of December 5th and December 9th for talks with Turkish companies on potential joint investments and partnerships. Lally said: “The actual number of the visiting countries was higher but needed to be reduced for the talks to reach deals.”
Lally summarised: “Companies from other sectors are also keen on partnerships with Turkish companies. Two visits by aviation and education companies are scheduled for the next year.”
While Turkey is growing and expanding at a rapid rate, the Turkish economy is relatively safe and secure compared with the rest of Europe. For these reasons, the United States would do well to increase investment deals with Turkey as both nations look to prosper from better deals between each other.


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