Friday, 2 December 2011

Nestle wants to invest more in Turkey

Food giant company Nestle as revealed that there will be new investments and growth in Turkey in the near future from the company.
Nestle Turkey CEO, Hans Ulrich Mayer said that the company’s annual growth for this year has been estimated at 20 percent. Mayer said: “Turkey has been the recipient of several Nestle investments many times greater than we invest in other markets.”
Mayer also revealed that over the last four years, Nestle had made investments in Turkey totalling around 500 million USD.
The CEO said that Turkey is maintaining a strong and secure economy while other European economies and the United States are stalling and wavering. Mayer said that competition in the Turkish market is ever increasing and there is room for more investments from Nestle in the Turkish market. Mayor noted that products by Nestle in Turkey are produced locally and exported to the Middle East and North Africa.
Only last year, Nestle Turkey announced a new 55 million USD investment to make and produce cereals in Turkey. The global company has identified Turkey as a strong market for investment potential.


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