Monday, 5 December 2011

Turkey could build planes

Turkey’s Science, Industry and Technology Minister has said that Turkey aims to produce its own regional airliner and jets by 2023.
Nihat Ergun was speaking during a visit to Seattle in the United States to see US airline manufacturer Boeing. Ergun said: “Boeing is among companies we can cooperate with.” The minister feels that it is a great step that Turkey needs to take in its aviation aims.
Ergun revealed that there are currently more than 350 Turkish engineers who work in Boeing and Ergun feels that companies in Turkey could help manufacture parts for Boeing. Ergun said: “Some parts of Boeing wing and tail systems are already manufactured in Turkey.”
The Minister said that the journey to the US was a great experience to talk and interact with several key members of Boeing about future collaboration between Boeing and Turkey on research and development into planes. Ergun finished by saying: “Building a Boeing 737 or an Airbus A380 is not similar to making a car. We are not calling for sector to produce planes immediately.”


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