Thursday, 1 December 2011

Turkey praised by Arab media for strong role in region

At the recent Turkish-Arab Media Forum, Turkey as a nation has been heavily praised by fellow Arab journalists for the strong positive role that Turkey is playing in the Arab region.
The forum brought together more than 200 journalists from the Arab world to Istanbul. The theme for the forum was labelled as: “Media, new opportunities and possibilities in the axis of change and continuity.” Speaking at the forum, Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Annc said: “It is our wish to see brotherly Arab countries change in the direction of justice and to enjoy an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity instead of chaos.”
Turkey has often been noted as a model for other Arab nations to follow, the Turkish government is strong and secure and provides a prime example for the region. Participants at the forum were extremely complimentary of the Turkish government for what they had done with Turkey; Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was also highly praised for his work in Turkey.
Arab Journalists Union secretary-general, Makram Mohamad Ahmad praised Turkey highly and Erdogan, saying: “Only if Islamic political parties take the Justice and Development Party (AKP) as an example, they could achieve their goals.” Another participant at the forum, Refika Fejjari noted: “Turkey reinvented the Arab world, however, Arabs reinvented Turkey with the Arab Spring.” The huge praise for Turkey continued from another Arab journalist, Ghani Oukazi said: “All the world is watching Turkey with eyes wide open.”
Turkey has been gaining a lot of praise recently for their efforts in the Arab world. Turkey is uniquely placed in the world as a gateway between the West and the East; the current Turkish government is making huge grounds on developing and growing as a nation and has been labelled as an example for the developing Arab world to follow.


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