Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Turkey still wants to join EU despite Euro crisis

Turkey Deputy Prime Minister, Ali Babacan has stated that the current economic crisis in the European Union has not stopped Turkey’s desire to join the EU in the future.
Speaking during a news conference, Babacan urged European countries to act carefully to sort out the sovereign debt crisis, warning of severe global consequences if they fail to act together and sort out the mess.
Babacan said: “We hope that EU member states who have problems do their homework, and everybody keeps their houses tidy and clean. They should be careful about their budgets and they should do reforms. When there are holes in budgets, no matter how much the European Central bank prints money it’s not going to be enough. They have to close the holes first and then put money in.”
Babacan revealed that Turkey is still looking to bring in the political reforms that would meet the conditions to become members of the EU. The Deputy Prime Minister said that Turkey needed to improve in areas such as the rule of law and the quality of democracy in order to meet the criteria for EU membership.
The EU however, is certainly no model for Turkey economically speaking, Babacan said. While the EU is struggling hugely with debts, Turkey is growing and is now ranked as the world’s 16th largest economy with expected growth this year of around 7 percent.


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