Wednesday, 4 January 2012

More Arab tourists set to flock to Turkey

Bursa, the north western city of Turkey has aims to attract at least 500,000 Arab touristsin 2012 as more Arabs look to Turkey as a tourist destination.

Statistics show that last year more than 800,000 tourists visited Bursa in total, with 300,000 of them coming from Arab nations. Mehmet Akkus, chairman of the South Marmara region of the Association of Turkish Travel Agents (TURSAB) said that the organisation wants to make Bursa the capital for tourism of the Middle Easst by 2013.

Akkus said: “Bursa will host a Turkish-Arab tourism gathering in April 2012 at which representatives from 22 Arab countries will attend.”
Bursa is home to many cultural buildings and picturesque settings, as well as mosques. Arabs are looking more to Turkey as the unsteady political states in the Arabworld are no longer attractive for people in the region to travel to, Turkeywith its secure political state is welcoming more and more Arab tourists eachyear.


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