Thursday, 26 January 2012

More than 30 million tourists visit Turkey in 2011 – what this means for Property in Turkey

Data released from Turkey’s Ministry of Tourism and Culture has revealed that Turkey attracted 31.4 million foreign tourists in 2011, up 9.8 percent over 2010.
The data shows that Turkey has steadily increased as a popular destination for tourists over the years, increasing year on year. In 2009 more than 27 million tourists visited Turkey while in 2010 the number was topped at 28.6 million – 2011 was the first time Turkey has topped 30 million foreign tourists and signals the current strength of the Turkey tourism market.
More than 10 million of the total visitors to Turkey in 2011 entered Turkey through Antalya. Antalya is a hotspot for tourism in Turkey and foreign nationals flock year round to the picturesque quality of life to be had in Antalya.
Second to Antalya was Turkey’s biggest city and hub of the nation Istanbul which attracted more than 8 million tourists in 2011. With so many foreign nationals heading to Istanbul and Antalya, it is no coincidence that property in Istanbul and property in Antalya has seen a boost as more foreigners look to settle in Turkey and buy some property in Turkey for that lavish and colourful lifestyle that Turkey offers.
A number of investors are utilising the increasing number of tourists to places such as Antalya and Istanbul and buying a villa in Turkey that they can then rent out to tourists who are coming thick and fast to Turkey with rental yields in Turkey being much more impressive than say rental yields in former hot spots for property such as Spain or Portugal. In Turkey you can expect to see at least a six percent rental yield every year on your property, making buying property in Turkey a luxurious business for those looking to make money and invest in property in Turkey.
The year 2012 looks set to further stamp Turkey’s authority as the premier location for property investment in the world. 30 million tourists travelling to Turkey every year – they certainly need a place to stay and what better way to experience Turkey than renting a luxury villa in a prime location such as Antalya or Fethiye.
As we look to the future, one thing is for certain – Turkey property is on the rise and rising fast. The economy in Turkey has been one of the major factors in the Turkish property market seeing such success of late. While the rest of Europe struggles under the weight of the failing Euro – Turkey rises above with a strong economy and an exotic location for tourism and investment. The foreign attitude towards Turkey is shifting, Turkey is an attractive location for summer holidays and many more foreigners in the future are set to travel to Turkey to experience what Turkey offers. In the last two years the number of tourists visiting Turkey has jumped an enormous 4 million; with 30 million tourists in 2011 surely it will not be long until we see Turkey hitting 40 million tourists per year.


  1. Every year coming more tourist to Turkey and Antalya came in first at 33.27 percent, followed by Istanbul in second place at 25.61 percent and Muğla in third at 9.78 percent.

    1. wow its great,,,i think there r many business are depands on tourism..!!! i want to to visit there,, thanks for sheering this...

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