Monday, 30 January 2012

New airport to be built in southern Turkey

A new airport is set to be built in southern Turkey after the final permission was given by the Turkish government for the start of the project.
The Cukurova Regional Airport project will see a new airport built that will serve Cukorova, Adana, and Mersin. The airport will also be capable to handle more than 30 million passengers per year in Turkey.
Built by Sky Line and Zonguldak Private Aviation Consortium, the airport will cost approximately 357 million Euros to build with no time frame yet on when the airport will be ready for use.
The need for more airports in Turkey follows the recent impressive statistics that show that the number of people travelling to Turkey each year by means of flying is increasing at a rapid rate. Tourism in Turkey is on the up massively, and the need for more airports to handle the inflow of passengers has led to development of new airports such as this.


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