Thursday, 19 January 2012

New mall to be built in southeastern Turkey

A United States based company is to build a new mall, aqua park, and hotel in the southeastern province of Mardin in Turkey.
Costing a huge USD 36 million to build, Chief Executive of the company MG Consulting, Martin Carver, said why the company chose to invest in Turkey rather than other nations: “Upon meeting with some local businessmen in Mardin, I have decided to invest in the project. I see no economic growth in European markets. That is why I would rather invest in Turkey.”
The shopping mall project in Mardin will total an area of 54,000 square metres and have an aqua park, a further sign of the incredible growth and development of Turkey in recent years compared with the struggling Eurozone that seems to be crumbling. Carver said: “After completing the mall and aqua park project, we will also start the construction of a five-star hotel with nearly 300 rooms.”
The last few years have seen a great deal of development in Turkey that has led to Turkey becoming one of the hot spots for investment potential in the world. Hotels, malls, real estate in Turkey – everyone is heading to Turkey for investment. Previous favourite spots for investments in Europe are no longer viable as the Eurozone struggles with a weak euro. Turkey on the other hand is on the rise as the Turkish economy booms and investors look to ride the wave of success coming out of Turkey.


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