Monday, 27 February 2012

Why invest in Istanbul

A new study has revealed that foreign investment in Istanbul increase by a huge 110.77 percent in 2011 over 2010.
Data released by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) shows that the number of investors investing their money into Istanbul has also risen by 52.4 percent.
The total number of investors setting up a business in Istanbul in 2011 was measured at 4,693 and equated to around TRY 1.7 billion worth of investment. Investors are looking to Istanbul as Istanbul looks set to become a business capital in the near future.
The data shows that foreign nationals from France, Iran, Germany, and Scotland are the ones who are investing most in Istanbul at the moment. This is expected to change in the future as nationals from other countries invest in Turkey, especially Istanbul.
Whether you are investing in a starting a business in Istanbul, real estate in Istanbul, or simply looking to move to Turkey, Istanbul to sample the quality of life to be had in Turkey, one thing is for sure – Istanbul is on the up for investment purposes.
With so many foreign nationals living in Istanbul, it is no surprise that Turkey expats are on the rise. Turkey is a multi-cultural nation, and no area is more multi-cultural that Istanbul, the Turkey expat community is thriving with businessmen and investors – investors love Turkey and Turkey loves investors.


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