Friday, 13 April 2012

Craziest tourist complaints revealed

We all like things to be just so when we go on holiday. But some tourists take pernickety to a whole new level, as the Turkish Culture and Tourism Office UK has revealed.

The list of tourists’ most bizarre complaints, gripes and grumbles includes a man who emailed expressing his annoyance at the temperature of the scrambled eggs at his hotel buffet. Another couple called to complain about the weather (too hot, unlike the scrambled eggs).

"Can you please do something about this weather? I'm wearing this stupid shirt for a reason."

One woman phoned the office to describe a dress she’d bought the last time she was on holiday. She’d changed her mind about the purchase when she returned home, and needed to track down the shop for a refund. She couldn’t remember the name of the shop, or even the town where the dress came from, and she’d cut off the label so she wasn’t sure of the brand.

There were a large number of complaints about locals’ English not being up to scratch, and a couple about the pictures on food menus not looking enough like the actual meal.

One gentleman called up hoping for the office’s assistance in locating a friend he’d made on his last trip to Turkey. He thought his friend’s first name was Kemal, but he wasn’t sure. And like the dress woman, he wasn’t entirely sure where Kemal lived.

And finally, one irate man made a number of calls demanding that the Tourism Office ban the nearby mosque from sounding their pesky call to prayer while he was trying to sleep in the afternoons.


  1. Really anoying !!!! before travelling to a new country, try to know a little bit about it. And when there, accept ans respect its culture and habits, dont try to make this visited country as it is your Home!!

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