Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Turkey wants visa free travel within Europe

Turkey wants Turkish citizens to have visa free travel inside the European Union.

EU Minister Egeman Bagis officially sent letters to the EU commissioner on the issue – Turkey has complied with EU criteria on visa free travel and Bagis stressed Turkey’s disappointment that Turkish citizens had not been granted visa free travel inside the EU.

Bagis released a statement which read: “The current Schengen visa regime against Turkish citizens constitutes an obstacle to the strengthening of relations between Turkish people and the peoples of the EU, as it prevents people to people contact, which is indispensable for the EU accession process.”

Bagis suggested that the EU would benefit from more visits from Turkish citizens should they be granted free travel inside the EU. The strong Turkish economy could be a beneficial factor in the EU lifting visa requirements for Turkish citizens.

A meeting has been set up on April 26th that will see further discussion between Turkey and the EU on the matter.

The lifting of the visa requirements for Turkish citizens to travel freely around Europe would be a huge step for Turkey, Turkey is booming on all fronts and those Turkish citizens who are looking to travel are sometimes held back at the prospect of visa requirements. The lifting of visarequirements for Turkish citizens would remove this worry.


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