Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Turkish woman heads for the final frontier

If you're hoping to avoid the crowds this summer and head somewhere peaceful and a bit out-of-the-way, you could always take a leaf out of Ahu Aysal Kerimoglu's book.

Ms Kerimoglu prepares for take off.
The 55-year-old Turkish woman is set to blast off into the final frontier in 2014, becoming Turkey's first ever space tourist. Space Expedition Curacao (SXC) began selling tickets last April, and Kerimoglu managed to bag herself a seat.

Ever since she was a child, the prominent businesswoman and owner of Hotel Les Ottomans in Istanbul has dreamt of seeing the Earth from space. "I’m a traveller; I’ve travelled all over the world. Now I have seized a great opportunity to go into space. For a traveller, space is the final destination — the ultimate place to go,” she told a press conference in Istanbul.

Before she is deemed fit to blast off, Kerimoglu will have to undergo medical tests, and will then head to the Netherlands for training.

The ticket cost a stratospheric $95,000.


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